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Dear Ghost Player, LLC Website Visitor:

This is a letter of support for a project that I feel is of great value for our area and our country. Joe Scherrman and his film production company is endeavoring to keep alive and promote the positive message developed in the Hollywood movie "Field of Dreams." Taking about 660 hours of film footage that he has videotaped over the last 18 years and editing and digitizing it to be preserved and to produce a documentary video will accomplish this. The subject of this project are the men known as the "Ghost Players", a group of individuals who have traveled around the world to spread the good will, entertainment and cultural values that the "Field of Dreams" presented. He has traveled with these "Ghost Players" and videotaped much of what they did. The documentary will present the activities of the "Ghost Players" in an entertaining, educational and inspiring manner. The historical and cultural importance of this project for the Tri-State Area and for the United States is significant.

Jerry Enzler, Executive Director of the Dubuque County Historical Society and Executive Director of the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution), has described this project as "a very worthwhile project that will benefit Dubuque County and its preservation and history." In order to bring this endeavor to fruition, Mr. Scherrman is beginning a process to raise $400,000, which will cover costs to edit, digitize, make accessible and archive the videotapes, as well as produce the documentary film. The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque has agreed to accept gifts, acknowledge gifts and serve as the back office for this valuable project. A specific fund has been established with the "Ghost Players" name at the Community Foundation in which the monies raised will be gathered. Please feel free to contact me for any further information about this project.

President and CEO
Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Dubuque Building, Suite 195 . 700 Locust St., Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: 563.588.2700 . Fax: 563.583.6619 .

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