the ghost players

We are looking for those of you who have experienced the magic of the Field of Dreams Ghost Players! If you have a special story to share or a few photographs, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please include your name, address and phone number on all communication with us so proper credits are included. Email Your Story or Photos To:

In 1988, a very amazing thing happened in the middle of the United States. A Hollywood film company made the decision to use a small cornfield in Dubuque County in the state of Iowa, near Dyersville, to make a movie that is inspirational, entertaining and philosophical. Since the movie "Field of Dreams" has been produced, it has achieved international fame. Many organizations, companies and communities have used the term "build it and they will come" to provide impetus for major projects to move forward. The state of Iowa has used the small dialogue, which refers to Iowa as "Heaven" in many of its promotions, recalling the answer to "Is this Heaven?" which states, "No, this is Iowa."

A group of dedicated individuals carried the positive message and entertainment values around the world to tour, perform and spread a unique form of ambassadorship in various places in Europe, Asia and America. The "Ghost Players" represent the players in the Field of Dreams and have shared the joy engendered by the movie to delight thousands of people.

The American fans of the movie are in the tens of thousands. Most of these movie fans have visited the movie site and many have seen the Ghost Players perform at the field or when the Ghost Players toured parts of the United States and abroad.

American military bases have been the destinations for Ghost Player tours. United States soldiers, their spouses and children and support people came to the performances by the Ghost Players. Many have heard about it from the excellent media coverage.

The Ghost Players have been featured in Stars and Stripes, Newsweek, Baseball Weekly, ESPN, and the major networks.

In the "Field of Dreams" movie, the character played by James Earl Jones says, "This field, this game, is a part of our past. It reminds us of all that was once good, and it could be good again." Mr. Jones and the Ghost Players disappeared into the corn. I know what happened to them. I have it on tape.

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