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The Angry Filmmaker Reviews "Ghost Player: Relive the Magic"

GHOST PLAYER: RELIVE THE MAGIC is a terrific film. It does a great job of telling the story of the Field of Dreams Ghost Players and the travels they made. This tale of ordinary individuals shows how they came together, transformed themselves, and touched their worldwide audiences.

Nearly twenty years of footage have been melded together into a visual tapestry that reveals an evolution of creativity, character, and characters.

Though there are some clips of celebrities and baseball hall-of- famers, this documentary stays true to the reality that the regular Joe is just as fascinating and interesting as any Hollywood star. Seeing the players interact with children, service men and women, people from other countries, and anyone who comes within their range is wonderful. They treat everyone with respect and in intimate interviews reveal what being a Ghost Player means to them. These are just regular guys who love what they do, and luckily they’re pretty good baseball players as well.

Joe Sherman has documented an amazing group of people and some wonderful moments in time. I look forward to watching it again and again.

True independent films such as this are rare treasures and deserve a global audience. My hat is off to Joe Sherman and all of the Ghost Players. Nice job guys!

Kelley Baker - The Angry Filmmaker -

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