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Welcome Back Costner and Cast

Father's Day Weekend - A Promise Will Be Fulfilled

When Netflix held an event on Left and Center of the Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner and Modern West played a concert and Costner made a promise to return. Looking forward to you and the band returning, Mr. Costner. 

Here is a picture of Kevin posing with the Ghost Players when he was here for the celebration of the film's 15th Anniversary. 

Hey Dad, Wanna Have a Catch?

Ghost Players

Ever wonder what the actor who played that famous ghost, John Kinsella, thinks about this film? Attendees of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2014 will have a chance to ask their questions. 


Dwier Brown, will attend the festival's special screening of the film and take part in a discussion panel with other members of the cast and crew on April 23, 2014. 

The event is being held at the University of Dubuque in their new performance site the Heritage Center. The university was the location site of a few of the scenes in the Field of Dreams, including the library scene.

25th Anniversary of the film release of the Field of Dreams

Ghost Players

Hard to believe that 25 years ago, the Field of Dreams movie held its World Premiere. 


It is even harder to imagine what this world would be like without the catch phrases immortalized by this film. 


Who knows the myriad number of things would yet to be built had they not rallied around the slogan, "If you build it?"


Just imagine how many would be left in the dark as to if they were in heaven or Iowa? Or how many people would have failed to invite their father to have a catch? 



W.P.Kinsella, we thank you for writing the original story; Brian Frankish, we thank you for selecting Iowa to build your field of dreams; and Susan Riedel, we thank you for finding the field and so much more.


Thank you also goes to the many men who have donned the wool and worked their gloves as Ghost Players, helping to keep the film's ideals alive. We are especially grateful for the tireless efforts of Ghost Player's founder, Keith Rahe.


A special thank you goes out the past and present owners of the movie site who believed in the vision of what was and what is to come.


May we be blessed with 25 more years of creating memories, fulfilling dreams, and be reminded "of all that once was good and it could be again."


There will be a number of special events held at the official movie site this summer. 

Ghostly Display in the Iowa Capital


Leo Landis Museum Curator for the State Historical Museum of Iowa and Joe Scherrman.

Joe Scherrman, from Ghost Player LLC, stopped in at the Iowa State Historical Museum to drop off a ghost player cap, bat, and uniform. The items will be featured in the new exhibit, “Hollywood in the Heartland: A Century of Moviegoing in Iowa,” which opens in 2014 at the State Historical Museum of Iowa in Des Moines. The exhibition will celebrate Iowa’s relationship with the movie industry through an examination of the people and places related to the development and consumption of motion pictures.


"When I took the bat out of the car I handed it to Mr. Landis and asked him to take a swing. He did, and I gotta tell ya, this boy has played some ball. Great swing Leo." – Joe Scherrman


Landis is also curating the State Historical Museum’s upcoming exhibit, “Riding Through History,” which opens July 19, 2013, and celebrates Iowa’s cycling history, communities, and people through artifacts and stories including the RAGBRAI experience. We cannot wait to see if our friend Susan Gorrell’s documentary, A Million Spokes, will be part of one or both of these exhibits.

Major League Exposure of Ghost Player, James Offerman

Ghost Players

About 4:00 AM, and 8 hours after shooting began, Jimmy Offerman wanted to know how high the pitch count was. - Joe Scherrman


Jim is an excellent entertainer who has the unique ability to bring a smile to anyone he meets. Jim was an excellent pitcher in high school, leading his team to a state championship and played semi-pro baseball for the Dyersville Whitehawks and was known for his Ozzie Smith-like flips on the Field. The Grand Slam show often features Jim singing our National Anthem.

Did you catch a glimpse of him and his mad baseball skills on MLB Network's "MLB Network's NLDS Game Two Introduction". He and the other extras did a great job helping with a video shoot.

Jim Offerman has been a long-standing member of the Ghost Player family. He bats right, throws right, and stands 6'1'. Looking forward to seeing you take to the field with the team this summer. 

DreamCatcher Productions created a behind the scenes highlights reel during the shoot.

Going the Distance

Ghost Players

Editor's Note: This article is a thank you note wrapped in to the story of how the Ghost Players and the DreamCatcher team have inspired and supported me through the years. I am blessed to know them all. - Suzie Wright, Ghost Player Newsletter Editor

Decades ago, when W.P. Kinsella wrote those words “Go the Distance”, I am sure he had no clue how far people would go. I heard those words for the first time at a Naval base movie house more than a thousand miles away from my hometown; a hometown that just so happened to be in Iowa.
I first heard of the Ghost Players and their “Greatest Show on Dirt” while my family had journeyed back home for military leave. Many years later when my husband ended his naval career, we headed out on the 1,000-mile journey back home. It was not until 1997 when I stepped on to the Field of Dreams for the first time. It was not a Ghost Sunday and so there were just my relatives and a few other tourists running the bases. The place was every bit as magical as it seemed in the movie. I never took the chance to see the Ghost Players perform in person before they hung up their cleats and left the dugouts.
My first chance to see the Ghost Players work was through their website as I watched the trailer to their film in 2008. These men were incredible, generous, and talented. Their passion to teach children baseball skills and remind “us of all that once was good” was unfailing, even though they had retired.
Later that year I would join the DreamCatcher Productions writing team for the Ghost Player website and began interviewing the team members so that I could help write and edit the book, Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales. The documentary, Ghost Player: Relive the Magic, finished and before it ended, I saw my name scroll past on the film’s credits. This was my first film credit and it is very dear to me.
While writing the book, I learned of the thousands of miles the Ghost Players had travelled to share the magic of baseball with fans across the globe and of their special missions to dozens of US Military bases around the world. While in Asia, they had even toured on the USS Dubuque, a ship named after my hometown, which is located just 26 miles from the original Field of Dreams.  That ship has since been decommissioned and the ship’s bell has returned to Dubuque. More distances travelled.
In 2009, the Ghost Players came out of retirement to play a ballgame with the US Military All-Stars for an event called Patriot Night at the Ballpark. I may well have been the loudest fan in the stands or maybe just one of the proudest.
Over the years, I have continued to write for the Ghost Players and for DreamCatcher Productions. At times, DreamCatcher has even let me pick up a mic or run a camera. I have even added a dozen shorts and another feature to my list of film credits.
I have seen the Ghost Players go the distance. Their work inspired me to go the distance too.
This spring I finished producing my first feature-length documentary, No Boundaries. It is a film about distance as well.
No Boundaries was recently named an official selection of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival in the Best of Iowa category. The film will hold its world premiere as part of the same festival that Ghost Player screened at two years ago.
As a young girl, I had joined an organization that would teach me about going the distance six long years before Kinsella would publish his novel Shoeless Joe that would later be adapted into Field of Dreams. The organization was the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps.
For more than 50 years, the organization has inspired musicians and artists much like the Ghost Players have inspired baseball fans. Each year the corps members march hundreds of hours and travel back and forth across the country. Last year the Colts’ performance program was names the Field of Dreams and they even began their season by visiting the movie site to gain a little perspective and maybe glean a little of the magic. All who marched in the corps were younger than the movie.
Two years ago, while at a volunteer meeting for the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, I met Molly Kreiss, she too had marched in the corps and she had a dream about a movie. She wanted to make a movie that would introduce the corps to the world through an insider’s perspective. No Boundaries allows the viewers a chance to get the drummer’s perspective and see the crowds from the flag line in much the same way Ghost Player: Relive the Magic allowed the fans to see the hearts and humor of the Ghost Players.
Last fall the film festival screened a rough-cut preview of the film as part of a special outdoor screening. The film has been reedited, new interviews have been inserted, and more music was made, posters have been printed and tickets are on sale.
During the festival, the film will have a sneak preview screening on Friday, April 25 at 9AM and the World Premiere will be Saturday, April 26 at 1:00PM, and another screening on Sunday, April 27 at 9AM.
It would be a lot easier waiting for the premiere if I had James Earl Jones assure me of that same promise he made so long ago during the end of the Field of Dreams - “people will come”.

Ghost Players

This is a photo of the Field of Dreams Ghost Players and members of the US Military All-Star Baseball Team coming out of the corn.

Letter of Thanks from Steve W

Ghost Players

Bob Rausch and Steve Walz, pose with a woman who had traveled to the Field of Dreams to play ball with her teammates from Australia.

Hi Suzie and Joe,
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the filming at the Field of Dreams for the MLB Network. It was a great experience and something that I'll never forget. Even though I know many of the Ghost Players, driven by the diamond 20+ years, and have seen the movie countless times, this was my first time actually stepping on the diamond.

Many thanks to you, Joe Scherrman, the MLB Network, and the whole filming crew for being such a class act to work with.
-Steve Walz

We were glad to have you and the rest of the guys who answered our casting call. -S&J

Newsletter Staff

Joe Scherrman and Nic Vetter take a few moments rest for their grip duties to watch the shoot.



Photos: Ghost Player Archive, Kevin Kapp @ Double Dubuque Productions, Joe Scherrman
Contributor: Steve Walz
Editor: Suzanne Wright

Ghost Players
Ghost Players