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Volunteers Needed
this Saturday

Marv Maiers is looking for a few more guys to volunteer to pitch and field for participants at the Cam & Joey Kolle Benefit from 4:30 to 6:30 July 31st. Please contact Marv or Joe if you can make it.

Find out more details....

Field of Dreams Update

The field is still for sale. A group of local business people, including Joe Scherrman, and sports professionals are developing a business plan. In the mean time, the field remains open as usual. Remember to bring your glove if you decide to show up and do a bit of dreaming yourself. If you would like to be more informed about the Field of Dreams being for sale please e-mail and ask to be put on the information list.

La Crosse Laughter

The Ghosts were honored to accept an invitation from the La Crosse Loggers and the Heroes of the Diamond organizations to perform their comedy routine on July 24, 2010 before those two teams took the field for an exhibition game for the fans.

This event also reunited ghost player John Rotz with Chris Goodell, General Manager of the La Crosse Loggers.


Joe Sherrman, Marv Maiers, Chris Goodell, John Rotz and Keith Rahe
at the Loggers event.
la crosse

Why Did You Get This?

At some point you have interacted with our website or have a connection to Ghost Player - The Documentary, which is currently in a number of film festival competitions as we seek a distributor. This is an informal method to keep our Ghost Friends updated with news and share special offers with you as the project nears completion. Please visit our website for more detailed information and related content about the project. Thank you.
L.A. All-Sports Film Festival Recap

Moviemakers, bobble head doll trophies and Hank Lucas back in a Dodger Stadium-oh what a weekend it was!

Joe Scherrman and Hank jetted off to LA for the Second-annual, LA All-Sports Film Festival that was held at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. DreamCatcher Productions hired, Dubuque-born/now Hollywood actor, Rob Cunliffe to promote the film by wearing one of the Ghost Player uniforms and passing out a few hundred copies of the lenticular postcard with screening details on the back.

At the festival, Ghost Player took second place in the documentary judging and may end up with a distribution deal.

The trip also included the Dodgers and Cubs, and a run-in with NCIS Los Angeles. Read all about it...


Patriot Night: The Sequel

MA2 Jesse Trail, USN and Nick Vetter.
They say a sequel is never as good as the first time, but Keith Rahe, founder and manager of the Ghost Players, made sure everyone had a great time.

The ghost's were back at Jenk Field at the Dyersville Commercial Club Park as were the US Military All Stars' baseball team. The stands held friends, family and fans from near and far -- all eager to celebrate the brave, the loyal, and the free. Those Heroes of the Diamond are truly heroes in our hearts.

If you weren't able to be there, find out what you missed...
Remembering William Scherrman

Thank you to all of you who have extended your best wishes and remembrances for William Scherrman. He lived a long life and will be missed by those who knew and loved him. He was a great supporter of the Ghost Players and of our movie.

William P. Scherrman, 90.
"I was surprised when Keith Rahe, the guru of the Ghost Players, asked me to throw out the first pitch at Patriot Night at the Ball Park. Keith has a special part in his heart for his father, as I do for mine. When I was walking out to the mound, I heard the announcers Coach Rima and Matt Wagner (Harry Carey) give tribute to my father serving his country. I was in tears and oh, so proud and thankful to Keith, his family, and mine and to all the Ghost Players for giving me the time of my life.

I had a catch with my Dad at the Field of Dreams back in the 90s. Before he died, he told me he was proud of the things the Ghost Players have done and proud of me. It doesn't get any better than that." -Joe Scherrman
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