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January 2010 
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Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of you for making 2009 so special! I hope that your holidays were filled with joy, love and good health. Now that the presents are opened, the leftovers are gone, here we are, left shivering through one of the coldest winters on record. Yet we dream of records of a more enjoyable sort, RBIs, HR and win/loss ratios. That is right, tighten your new scarf, settle under the new newly knitted throw and take comfort in the thought that spring training will soon be here.

 Kevin Costner Remembers His Concert at Field of Dreams

"I did a concert there [Field of Dreams] with my band two years ago. Like 8 to 10,000 people came. It was very sweet. The sun went down and the fireflies came out. There was a big giant screen set up in the cornfield and everyone had their lawn chairs and watched 'Field of Dreams.' It was very Americana."

(Quote from in an article about a 20th anniversary screening of the Field of Dreams hosted by the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Actually his concert was in 2006 and above is a photo from that super event.)

Check out a video of Kevin Costner and his band's performance at the Field of Dreams


 2009 Ghostly Year in Review

The incredible year of 2009 would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, family, fans and other Ghost Players. When the year began, we were busily working on the editing of GHOST PLAYER: RELIVE THE MAGIC, developing the manuscript for our book, Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales and continuing the archiving process.

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Details about these products as well as other items about the Ghost Players can be found in the Official Ghost Player eBay Store using the link below.

The movie and book are selling well and receiving great praise by local and national fans. The book and DVD are available for purchase at the Dubuque Sports Complex, the Welcome Center connected to the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce and Scherrman's Brand Source in Dyersville, IA. The book is also available at the River Lights 2nd Edition bookstore, in Dubuque, IA.

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Ghost Player, LLC is organized under the Limited Liability Company Act, Chapter 490A, Code of Iowa and is the "Producer" for the Field of Dreams Ghost Player project. As "Producer" Ghost Player LLC is the owner/producer of the film "Ghost Player: Relive the Magic". Ghost Player is responsible for all aspects of the movie and initiates, co-ordinates, supervises and controls matters such as fund-raising, hiring key personnel and arranging for distribution.Ghost Player LLC is involved throughout all phases of the filmmaking process from development to completion of the project.

DreamCatcher Production, LLC is a video production company. DreamCatcher Production, LLC is hired by Ghost Player, LLC as a vendor to bring into being the movie "Ghost Player: Relive the Magic". Duties include all aspects of research, production and marketing.

GHOST PLAYER has received support from The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, and is funded-in-part-by grants from the Iowa Community Cultural Grant Program (Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs) and the Historical Resource Development Program (Historical Society of Iowa). Additional support comes from the Targeted Industries Internship Program (Iowa Department of Economic Development), and an endowment of $10,000 exists with The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque for the project.