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“SOLD!” to Go the Distance, LLC.

Ghost Players

The Field of Dreams is now the property of Go the Distance, LLC, which is an investment group started by Denise and Mike Stillman. 

They will develop the land around the movie site into a sports complex called All-Star Ballpark Heaven

We look forward to this next baseball season that will see some interesting changes in the areas around the former movie site while it maintains all the things we love most about the site itself.

We have already started hearing from fans who will be making trips to the field this spring and summer. 

Share your plans on our Ghost Player Facebook page.


Wade Boggs - Hall of Famer and Farmer?

Ghost Players

Corey and Shari Scherrman pose with baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs, and Mike Stillman, one of the founders of All-Star Baseball Heaven, at Scherrman's Brand Source - located a few short miles from the Field of Dreams.


That's right, baseball's hall of famer, Wade Boggs has joined the investors who bought the Field of Dreams. Recently Boggs visited the fields, listened to members of the community, and walked the bases. He spent some time talking to local baseball players who are as eager as other kids around the country to participate in organized baseball near the landmark movie site

Ghost Players

Welcome to the neighborhood Go the Distance. If you need tractor driving instructions, let us know, there are a few neighbors happy to teach you how to steer one.

Wade, there are even a few ghostly sprites in the area who would happily bleach your red sox to the right color - white!

Joe Scherrman sitting on a Case I-H tractor at Scherrman Implements in Dyersville, IA. 

Old Visions for the Field

Ghost Players

Joe Scherrman here, we can change this sign to say, “SOLD!” to Go the Distance, LLC.

There have been many different suggestions about what to do with the field. Many of these ideas were floating around since the days when the field's owners were hosting the Ghost Players during monthly games at the Field of Dreams.

Below is a sampling of a few of the ideas we have heard and/or had.


A Fan-based Non-profit?
After the New York Times story about the Field of Dreams being for sale, I put a blurb in the Ghost Player newsletter. I made the remark that if 3,000 of us fans threw in $2,000 each we could buy the place.  To my surprise, in just a few days, more than 70 people responded.

One person said we could organize like the Green Bay Packers. Oddly enough, a few of the Ghost Players and I were going to Green Bay to receive a Vince Lombardi award for the movie “Ghost Player:  Relive the Magic”.

Mark Murphy, President/CEO of the Green Bay Packers and Tomas Kunkle president of St. Norbert College presented the award. I got a chance to talk with Mark Murphy. Sparing all the details, he said it was possible, but $150,000 wasn’t going to do it. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission dealings would eat that money up for breakfast.


A State Park?
One fine summer day, I received a call from Senator Tom Handcock.  He asked if I would join him and Mary Cownie the new director of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs in a conversation about the Field of Dreams.  We met at the movie site and discussed different ideas and the impact the site has had on the arts and culture of the State.  She made it clear to me the State of Iowa would do whatever they could to help preserve the site but also made it clear to me that the State was not be in a position to buy the site and run it like a State Park.


A Business?

I got together a group of friends to discuss this possibility.  They had fantastic ideas but didn’t want to stick any money into a business plan.  So I hired my friend Suzie Wright, a talented gal who helped me publish the Ghost Player companion book, “Travels With Ghosts and Other Tales”.  Suzie also helps publish the Ghost Player Newsletter and articles for the Website: We spent a lot of time gathering the ideas from that group and from the discussions over all the years with the Ghost Players. I also worked with Steve Horman Counselor/Consultant at Northeast Iowa Small Business Development Center in Dubuque and went to an entrepreneurial group in Cedar Rapids.

You can read the draft of the business plan on the Ghost Player website. You will see the similarities to the Stillman’s All-Star Baseball Heaven plans. Great minds think alike.

We believe they are so similar because the concept of getting more kids playing baseball in the area is a great one. We can’t wait for these visions to come true.

Expanding Dreams

Ghost Players

The Ghost Player organization sends congratulations to the staff of DreamCatcher Productions on their recent expansion. DreamCatcher Productions is the company that created the Ghost Player documentary and continues to provide marking services to the Ghost Player organization. 

The DreamCatcher Productions' home office in Dyersville is going through renovations. The office is co-located with Scherrman's Brand Source Division at the Scherrman's Implement lot. Just look for the pretty red tractors.  

In October, DreamCatcher opened a second office. The new office is located in Dubuque, Iowa's Historic South end at 469 Bluff Street. Come over and see us some time.

Keep an eye out for our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting this Spring.

Along with a new office comes a new face. Geoff has been in the area for about a year, racking up filmmaking awards at the recent Canned Film Competition and making more videos. Geoff, is a graduate from Iowa State University, in Communication Studies and Speech Communication, and has a keen camera eye. Welcome to the team.


DreamCatcher to Sponsor Film Screenings Nationwide

Ghost Players

DreamCatcher Productions -vendor and production house for the Ghost Player project to Sponsor Film Screenings Nationwide

Over the last few months, film fans in 10 selected cities across the country have been given the opportunity to experience really excellent films thanks to  the people at Film Festival Flix.

DreamCatcher Productions is proud to be a sponsor of this organization and to celebrate our relationship with this organization, the readers of this newsletter are eligible for a discount on their tickets to the featured film selections. (The code is just above Wes Scherrman's picture on the left.)

Ghost Player fans in LA, Miami, Montgomery, New Haven, New Orleans, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Greenwood Co, as well as those in Dubuque, IA have the opportunity to use the DreamCatcher discount.

FILM FESTIVAL FLIX is a revolutionary new distribution system, combining a monthly theatrical film series and an online platform, which is changing the way the world discovers Independent films. Each month, film enthusiasts in select cities will be offered an All Access pass to the “Best of the Fests,” and a chance to enjoy festival events in the comfort of a local theater in their hometown. Attendees will get VIP tickets to critically-acclaimed films and audience favorites from top film festivals around the world and interact with filmmakers and actors live, simulcast or online. This type of exposure is usually reserved for the industry insider or the holder of a high-priced festival pass; but FILM FESTIVAL FLIX combines live, simulcast and on demand events together with an online platform, offering an interactive and unique way to showcase films.

Check out their website to see if there is a theater near you and when the next screening is happening.

In the short time we've already been involved, the Dubuque community has had the opportunity to be introduced to  Michael Boatman (Spin City and Anger Management) and Sigrid Thornton (The Man from Snowy River).

Newsletter Changes

Starting with the next issue of the Ghost Player newsletter, we will transition into having two separately focused newsletters.
This newsletter will continue to focus on the Ghost Players and the Field of Dreams. The second will focus more closely on the projects and activities of DreamCatcher Productions.
To make it simple for you we will automatically send you both.

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Contributors: Joe Scherrman, Tim Connery, and Suzie Wright

Ghost Players
Ghost Players