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Iowa Public Television Broadcast

A broadcast of GHOST PLAYER is kicking off a baseball double-header this Wednesday evening. Check your local listings for the correct channel. July 30, at 7pm, GHOST PLAYER will be the starting film and then a segment of Ken Burn's baseball documentary, BASEBALL, will be shown. This amazing documentary spans the full 150 years of baseball's history. Ken Burns is considered one of the best documentarians and it is a privilege to be his opening act.


Future Ghost Player
Team Sightings

July 18
Patriot Night at the Ballpark
Dyersville, IA
5:15 p.m.

July 24
U.S. Military All-Stars vs.
La Crosse Area All-Stars
La Crosse, WI

July 31
Benefit for the Kolle Family
Dyersville, IA
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Report of Lambeau & Black Earth Wiffle Ball

We had a great time at St. Norbert's College and Lambeau Field during the Sport and Society Conference and film festival.

The highlight video includes shots of St Norbert's college, Lambeau Field, and Rookies Clubhouse and Authentic Regulation Wiffle Ball Field.

Here is the trophy we won. Isn't it spectacular?



Why We Enter Festivals?

The goal is to preserve and share the stories of the Ghost Players. Entering festivals is our main way of promoting this goal in hopes of attracting a distributor or sales agent to get our story to more people. We aren't looking to make millions or even thousands on this film but if we just give the film away, we won't ever re-coop some of the expenses of making it and promoting it.

Film to Screen at All Sports LA Film Festival

all sports film fest That's right, it is almost time for GHOST PLAYER to screen in Hollywood. The film festival will be July 10 and 11 and will celebrate sports and competition. The movie will be showing at the Mary Pickford Theater around 3pm on that Sunday.

This unique sporting-film fest is in its second year and looks to be an amazing event. Being in Hollywood is cool enough in it's own right but the fact that the film will be screened at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood is out-of-this-world exciting given that this is the oldest, continuing movie studio on the planet! That's right, in 1915 back when even baseball itself was young Hollywood greats like Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin were walking in the same spaces where this event will take place.

Thanks to the great people at Brand Source and Metro Studios, we will be sending Hank Lucas and Joe Scherrman to represent the team and movie at the filmmaker's events on Friday, July 9th. Having such strong sponsors believe in this movie is a humbling experience and we will do our sponsors proud! Teamwork guys, it is all about teamwork!

It is great to think that Hank will be going, as he was a former Dodger before he was a ghost player.

Find out more about this exciting festival...

Interesting Times at Interrobang

DM fest

The Interrobang Film Festival combines a traditional film production festival with a public screening. GHOST PLAYER just won the Best Iowa Filmmaker Award.

Read more details about the award...

Field of Dreams Update

FOD For Sale

People still seem to be interested in the fate of the Field of Dreams but that we know of, no serious offers are in play. A number of people have expressed interest in investing or contributing to the purchase of the movie site but $5.4 million dollars is the asking price. A group of Field of Dreams enthusiasts are investigating the proper way to create a fund to purchase and maintain the tourism site. For more details about the site contact

Why Did You Get This Newsletter?

At some point you have interacted with our website or have a connection to Ghost Player - The Documentary, which is currently in a number of film festival competitions as we seek a distributor. This is an informal method to keep our Ghost Friends updated with news and share special offers with you as the project nears completion. Please visit our website for more detailed information and related content about the project. Thank you.

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