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Chisholm Bus Trip

Ghost Players

Ghost Player families and friends we have been invited to participate in a parade, a celebrity exhibition game, and a few other appearances as well as fun and shopping as part of a bus trip to Doc “Moonlight” Graham Days in Chisholm, MN. If we get enough people interested in taking a bus, we will leave Dyersville at 9:30 AM on Thursday, August 11- and return around 10:30 on Sunday evening, August 14, 2011. There are just a few short days to sign up for the Chisholm trip. Please make sure that you let Joe know before the 22nd if you want to join in on the fun.

Ghost Player on

Ghost Players

DreamCatcher Productions has been approached by to have the Field of Dreams' Ghost Player: Relive the Magic shown on their Internet-base TV network as soon as the network launches it's video streaming site. Presently this on demand network features trailers of some of the best international documentaries in circulation.

This joint venture between and Storytellers International was created in 2009 to produce, promote and distribute documentary films from independent filmmakers around the world. With the launch of their new website, they have started an online community where documentary filmmakers have a readily accessible venue to tell their stories to a worldwide audience.

EZ Goen

Ghost Players

Joe and crew from DreamCatcher were unsuccessful in their bid to seek funding for the EZ Goen documentary. They are going to continue to seek other ways to fund the project. "This project is too compelling to set aside because of one funding set-back. We will just have to find a more successful plan B. We also appreciate those who had been willing to donate to the project." If you would like to send donation to the project directly, DreamCatcher will still honor the same incentive package that was offered on Kickstarter.

PLEDGE $10 OR MORE -  A 'Thank You' on the EZ Goen Official Website.
PLEDGE $20 OR MORE - Above + Digital download of the finished film and soundtrack.
PLEDGE $50 OR MORE - Above + An official EZ Goen biker bandana.
PLEDGE $100 OR MORE - Above + A signed poster from EZ Goen and a "Thank You" credit in the finished film.
PLEDGE $200 OR MORE - Above + Two tickets to the premiere of the finished film; travel expenses not included.
PLEDGE $250 OR MORE - Above + A personalized "Thank You" video from EZ Goen himself.
PLEDGE $500 OR MORE - Above + An 'Associate Producer' credit on the film including your own IMDB profile.
PLEDGE $1,000 OR MORE - Above + An Executive Producer credit on the film including your own IMDB profile (You will only be cited as the Executive Producer, not the Associate Producer as well)
PLEDGE $10,000 OR MORE - Above + EZ Goen will shave off his beard. We'll even braid it and send it to you if you want. We don't care what you do with it, we're just happy for the support!
We would also like to thank the staff for their assistance and advice. These people are providing an excellent way to get arts projects funded and we will enthusiastically continue to find project for and through this site.

2011 GRIFINFEST Dates Announced

Location: Mindframe Theaters and the Tri-State Area
The Great River Film Initiative in partnership with Mindframe Theaters will be hosting the 2011 version of GRIFINFEST. In the past, this event has been a one-night showcase of local filmmakers' works, a two-day film festival and this year it is a four-day exploration of film-making skills.
Each day of the fest will focus on multiple aspects of film-making. Workshops will include  editing, sound design, scriptwriting, funding, cinematography, lighting, stunts, make-up/hair styles, directing, casting, costuming, legal, and film distribution. Guest presenters will include Jeff Bowler (creator of Inked), Josh Shelov (writer/director of The Best and the Brightest), Kelley Baker-the Angry Filmmaker, as well as local talented filmmakers Chrissy Hogue and Ron Tigges.
For more information, contact Steve.

Ghost Players
Ghost Players