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The Ghost Players will be at Commercial Club Park - Jenk Field from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm on July 31, 2010. They will be entertaining the crowd and will be available to pitch to anyone interested in taking some swings for $5.00 for five swings. All funds will go to the Cam and Joey Kolle Benefit to cover expenses related to several serious medical issues.

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Memories For Sale
Contributed by: Beth Brimeyer

Earlier this month, the news of the sale of the Field of Dreams broke. Movie lovers all over the world became intrigued by the possibility of owning the landmark. Childhood memories came back to people who had not thought of the land since they visited it when they were younger.

Personally, I remember watching the movie in delight to think the film was made in Iowa. I believe it was from that point that I became interested in filmmaking.

There is a picture I have of my brother and I sitting on the white porch swing in front of the farmhouse. I was four with short curly red hair. That was a long, long time ago. I am  23 now and interested in film-making. I am now a member of local film guild. That memory remains in my mind as one of the happiest memories from my childhood and my fighting force to pursue my dreams.

From the heart of that curly-haired red head, those memories deserve to be preserved and so does the land, property and baseball diamond. Wouldn't it be amazing if it all went to a group that would keep it in the condition it deserves to stay in and continue to remember those dreams of our childhood and pass it down from generation to generation?

DreamCatcher Production is the production company for the documentary Ghost Players, which follows the ghost players from the Field of Dreams. Along with the movie Ghost Players, there is a companion book titled Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales. These two forms of media show the drive and determination that the real life ghost players have when some-
thing is close to their heart.

The property, land and baseball diamond they started playing on is what is closest to their heart. These players have joined up with people to help save the Field of Dreams. Together we could make this dream a possibility. If you are interested in seeing this dream come true, please contact Joe Scherrman at

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Dreaming Strong


A little over a week ago, the story broke that the FIELD OF DREAMS was up for sale. Since then there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of buying the property, land and baseball field. At the head of the discussion, Dreamcatcher Production has been rallying to save this historical movie site.

In the past week, $120,000 has been tentatively pledged if an effort to purchase to land by the Ghost Players and supporters. There is interest by locals and others throughout the United States and from fans as far away as Hong Kong. It does not seem to be dwindling in any way. There is still a strong desire held by sports and movie enthusiasts alike to maintain a place that seems like heaven.

There are skeptics that feel this is too ambitious to come true. As for the believers out there, we hold the belief that some dreams are meant to come true. We appreciate all the work that has been done and will continue to help this goal succeed.

Touchdown at Lambeau

Documentarian Joe Scherrman received the filmmaker's version of a touchdown at "A Mirror of Our Culture: Sport and Society in America," conference late May 28th. Scherrman was presented with a trophy for his excellent sports-related documentary GHOST PLAYER: Relive the Magic, during the conference's first film festival awards ceremony.

The documentary about the transformed lives of the team members from the Field of Dreams was a perfect demonstration of the conference's focus on highlighting the way our society has been impacted by sports. The documentary highlights the way the players' lives were interwoven in to the sport they loved and the mission they carried out to use sports as a venue to improve the moral of the US Military abroad and build sportsmanship, teamwork and character in children globally.

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Sign Surprise

The little boy is Nick Brimeyer on a family vaction back in August 1990 at the Field of Dreams.
This picture was taken the summer after the movie Field of Dreams was filmed. The sign was only at the field for a short time. This is the first picture we have seen of that sign and we reviewed more than 5000 images to complete the book, Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales.

GHOST PLAYER is funded-in-part by grants from the Iowa Community Cultural Grant Program (Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs) and the Historical Resource Development Program (Historical Society of Iowa). Additional support comes from the Targeted Industries Internship Program (Iowa Department of Economic Development).
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