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Field of Dreams Stories Requested Selected Responses

Below are a few of the responses that people made to the call to action that was sent on May 18. Joe Scherrman, producer and director of Ghost Player and owner of DreamCatcher Productions,  asked that members of the community send out their opinions concerning the proposed improvements and changes to the area around the Field of Dreams. Here are a few of the replies that he shared

Easton's World Premiere

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Joe Scherrman and Tim Connery of DreamCatcher Productions are jetting off to the official debut of "Easton's Article" which will be at the 38th Annual Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The film will be screened Friday, June 8th at 6:30pm and Saturday, June 9th at 11:30am at SIFF Cinema Uptown in Seattle, WA.

During the SIFF event, "Easton's Article" will also be included in The New American Cinema competition, one of the most

Ghost Players

Best wishes for a great time at the festival to the cast and crew members who will be on hand.

DreamCatcher and Colts Cavalcade

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During the recent Julien Dubuque International Film Festival preparations, the DreamCatcher team was approached about assisting in the creation of a documentary about the Colts Organization that will highlight their 49 year old, DCI qualifying drum and bugle corps. The working title is Colts Cavalcade - Breaking Barriers.
To create this film, the talents of other members of the Great River Film Initiative, Grant Grudzina, Paul Kurutsides, and

JDIFF, Ghost Players, & a Secret

Ghost Players


Ghost Players arrive on stage during the opening Launch Party at the Mississippi Moon Bar on April 19, 2012.


As part of the opening festivities of the DreamCatcher Productions team had been asked to create a short sampling of movies that had been filmed in the area. As even a short film should ask a question, we went with a simple question from The Straight Story, "Why should I be scared of an Iowa cornfield?" Watch this private link and let us know what you think.


The festival was host to stars such as Kate Mulgrew, Peter Riegert,  Katina and Kevin Dunn, Dave and Morgan Hansow, Jon Fitzgerald, Paul Festa, and dozens of other filmmakers.


The community eagerly awaits word on the 2013 JDIFF. In the meantime, take a peek at the highlights we captured.


"Ghost Player: Relive the Magic" was screened during the

Field Of Dreams Supporters!

Here’s a note from Joe Scherrman.

You guys have been so positive about where the All-Star Ballpark Heaven plans are heading; you are awesome!
More talks are going to be happening at the Dyersville City Council Meetings like every meeting! The next city council meeting would be a great time for showing more support. The June 18 meeting will have a discussion on a Development

Ghost Player Website Stats

In the great tradition of baseball, we thought we would share a few stats with our fans about the Ghost Player website.


34,052 - Individual visits    106,892 Total page visits

05:09 minutes - Avg. visit duration
111 Total countries and territories that have viewed the site
Top 8 Viewing Countries:   US, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Ireland


Whether you are scouting bios of the team members, looking for pictures of past events, or seeking information about the on-going archiving project, updates can be found on the website. Join us in the virtual dugout and see what is happening on deck next.

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Contributors: Joe Scherrman, Tim Connery, and Suzie Wright

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