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A Capitol Story

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Mike and Denise Stillman and a team from Dyersville business people and owners talked with legislators throughout the day and regrouped to discuss the results.

Subcommittee Meeting at the Capitol

“Thank you so much for going to the Capitol.  I hope you all had a good time and received a lot of FACTUAL & Informative information from Mike, Denise & David, their lobbyist.  I will keep you up-to-date as the bill makes its way through the House & Senate.  It was also an important day for Nancy Dunkel as she officially turned in her papers to run for Representative.” Karla Thompson - Executive Director, Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce


“Thank you Stillmans for inviting us along.  I learned a lot about the whole lobbying process.  It was an awesome experience and enjoyed finally meeting the people behind this great opportunity for Dyersville.“  Heidi Huisman - Savvy Salvage


“It was a fantastic experience.  It was great getting to know everyone better and bouncing ideas off each other. The Stillmans are great people and their project will benefit everyone in our community in a positive way and I am thankful they are giving us this huge opportunity.”  Theresa Neuhaus - American Realty and neighbor to the Field of Dreams.

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Denise Stillman reviews events on the bus ride to Des Moines.


A neighbor to the Field of Dreams, the Mayor of Dyersville, Executive Director of the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce and a variety of business owners got together for a road trip to Iowa’s Capitol.  The group went to talk to legislators to tell them about the preservation of the Field of Dreams and the proposed All-Star Ballpark Heaven projects.  On the way they reviewed procedures and proper etiquette they would need while negotiating the beautiful Capitol’s many floors and offices.

This collage of business people wanted to show and tell the legislators about the projects they feel best for the Field of Dreams and for Iowa!  It was a great day to go as the subcommittee was meeting to discuss a bill that would allow rebates of a portion of sales tax collected if the project goes through.

Nancy Dunkel Submittes Official Application for State Representative

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“Not only do I feel successful with our visits on behalf of All Star Ballpark Heaven, but meeting some new friends and bonding with old friends for a common cause is awesome.  Thank you also everyone for all the support I received in getting my official papers filed to run for your State Representative.”  Nancy Dunkel - Official Candidate for State Representative.

Taking One (More Trip) for the Team

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Ghost Players, Paul Scherrman and Frank Dardis, suited up in their Ghost Player Sunday best and headed off to the capital in February to lobby for the state to support the new vision for the Field of Dreams.

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Writer/Director Tim Connery and one of the Executive Producers Joe Scherrman of DreamCatcher Productions will be present at the screening providing a brief Q&A following the film with other key cast/crew members.


Easton's Article is an official selection at the 1st Annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival and will be screened (April 19, 2012 - time and location TBD).  This will be the second test screening of the film, which has been met with acclaim in its private viewings.

Connery has won multiple awards for his short film "Statler's Tapes" and “Quarter Till Two" and is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s film program. Scherrman is the owner of DreamCatcher Productions and has more than 30 filmmaking awards.


The Julien Dubuque International Film Festival is a spectacular 4-day event infusing energy, enthusiasm and verve into the community from April 19-22. 2012.  Special Guest include Kate Mulgrew and Matthew Modine.

Tim Connery is available for interviews in studio, on site, Skype, phone or via e-mail.


The film's test-screening was announced during the JDIFF Reveal party and DreamCatcher Productions was on hand participating and shooting a highlights reel. 

St Patrick's Day Parade

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DreamCatcher's very own jack-of-all trades, Tim Connery, checked in this past weekend at the annual St Patrick's Day parade in the always fun-filled Dyersville, Iowa. 


Boasting one of the biggest crowds and some of the nicest weather the Irish holiday has ever seen, Tim captured the parade's festivities in a cinematic way that only the DreamCatcher team can achieve. Normally Joe Sherrman tapes the parade but this time he had other duties. 


Joe jumped onto one of the Case IH tractors from Scherrman's Implements and Appliances display lot and accepted the honor of being an actual float participant in the parade.


The tractor was pulling a billboard on a trailer advertising the test screening of "Easton's Article" at the inaugural year of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. 


This was Tim's 2nd visit to the annual Dyersville celebration. While he filmed the hoards of people pouring in and out of the English Pub, he scratched his head and pondered, "English? Looking pretty Irish to me." Check out the fun montage video here!


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Congratulations to Tim Connery and team, winners of a local short film contest. The winning video produced by DreamCatcher can be viewed here. This comedic internet promo was made for River Lights 2nd Edition Bookstore  in Dubuque, Iowa with the purpose of promoting reading and independent bookstores.


Directed/Edited by Tim Connery. Cinematography by Kylie Clark. Acted by Ryan J. Werner with a cameo by Connery.


Coming in second place was a video created by five members of the Great River Film Initiative, including DreamCatcher writer, Suzie Wright. 


Good job to both teams.


365 Impact Awards

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Dubuque 365 started the Impact Awards four years ago as a way of annually recognizing outstanding organizations, businesses, and individuals in the community. DreamCatcher Productions' Joe Scherrman and Suzie Wright were on hand to applaud their friends and capture highlights of the events in the Mississippi Moon Bar in the Diamond Jo Casino.


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Contributors: Joe Scherrman, Tim Connery, and Suzie Wright

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