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Let's Buy Field of Dreams
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If just 3,000 of us fans invest $2,000 each, we could buy the Field of Dreams and have enough overhead money for a year or so.  By then we would have the business plan in order. 
Worse case scenario, we each loose $2,000.  Best case, the sky.
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Field of Dreams Ghosts WEBISODES

The archive of the Ghost Player video is about to be available on the web.  DreamCatcher Productions is working with Infrastructure Solutions of Monticello, Iowa.  The goal is to have over 60 hours Flash Streamed, Web Based with Search Capable.   The 60 hours will be broken into individual webisodes  running from 3 to 15 minutes and narrated by a  special guest.
Sound expensive?  It is.  DreamCatcher Production is looking for sponsors to help defray the cost.  Sponsors may advertise before and after each webisode and be featured in marketing campaigns and promotions.   Learn more

Field of Dreams for Sale 5.4 million
Will the Ghost Return?
Early May 13, 2010, the Lansing Family announced that the FIELD OF DREAMS movie site has been placed on the market with the asking price of $5.4 million.

We love the land and the field, but it is time for us to head to the locker room," says Don Lansing, whose family has owned most of the property for over a century. When Universal Studios picked the site more than 20 years ago, the site was located on Lansing's farm and that of the Ameskamp Family. The Lansing Family unified the properties back in 2007.

Learn more about the Field of Dreams sale announcement
Marv's One Regret about the Field of Dreams

Marv Maires, served as the Ghost Players' manager and coach for many of the team's 18 year history. As road manager of the Ghost Players, Maiers ran what the Ghost Players liked to refer to as the "greatest show on dirt."
Watch Marv's explanation of his one Field of Dreams regret. 
Learn more about the longtime Ghost Players' manager.
On Deck to Sell the Dream

It takes someone with a passion for baseball to understand the special nuances and circumstances surrounding the sale of a baseball diamond, especially one as well-loved as the FIELD OF DREAMS movie site.

Located just outside the small town of Dyersville, Iowa, the site has great sentimental and historic value. Millions of visitors have made the trek through the picturesque Eastern-Iowa vistas to the most-famous non-major league baseball diamond built.
Ken "The Bulldog" Sanders has been recruited to field the sales team.

Learn more about the man handling the sale...
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