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GHOST PLAYER  Distribution!

That's right, the movie has gained enough momentum that we are now being represented by a distribution company. If you are interested in broadcasting Ghost Player,
please visit John Mclean Media for more information. 


Redeemed & How We Love to Proclaim It

Ghost Player has been named a winner in the Redemptive Film Festival.

More details to come next month.  View the current list of award winning films that will be screened either at the official screening on Friday, November 12 or at the Grand Awards Ceremony on Saturday November 13, at 5:00 P.M.


Doing Good in
Des Moines

One of the favorite things that the Ghost Players are invited to do is to work charity events with young athletes. They were given that chance again on August 15th when they were invited to Des Moines, IA to an event for the Kiwanis Miracle League.

The Des Moines League is part of the national Miracle League which gives challenged athletes the opportunity to play on a baseball team for an entire season. We were very impressed by the kids and the coaches and the fans of these players.

If you are interested in participating in a league, go to:


Kolle Family Benefit

It was a beautiful day for baseball at the Jenk Field in Dyersville, IA. The Kolle Family was well-blessed with the number of family, friends, co-workers and supporters who came to celebrate the family, baseball and fun. Funds were raised to meet the family's medical bills. Seven of the Ghost Players played with the kids and then had a home run hitting contest. Thanks for being there guys,especially you Marv for organizing the Ghost Players' participation in it!

Why Did You Get This?

At some point you have interacted with our website or have a connection to Ghost Player - The Documentary, which is currently in a number of film festival competitions as we seek a distributor. This is an informal method to keep our Ghost Friends updated with news and share special offers with you as the project nears completion. Please visit our website for more detailed information and related content about the project. Thank you.

Joe Scherrman and Gov. Chet Culver at the Grand River Center in 2010.
Governor Culver
On September 23, Governor Chet Culver came to Dubuque, Iowa and Ghost Player director Joe Scherrman drifted in from near by Dyersville, Iowa to shake his hand again.

They had first met back on 2007 when Culver signed the Film, Television and Video Project Promotion Program in Dubuque.

The completion of the GHOST PLAYER film was achieved in part because of Scherrman's trust that "the promises made"...  [Read more]

Alliant Field, home of the Lumberkings.
Alliant Field
A new documentary, Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox, has begun production in Iowa.

Included in the film are some of our very own Ghost Players re-enacting their legendary counterparts.  Alliant Field, home of..... [Read more]

chagrinWhat a nice surprise! Mary Ann Ponce, director of the Chagrin Falls International Documentary Film Festival, has notified us that Ghost Player has been selected for screening during October 10-12, 2010.

After the loss of her son, filmmaker David Ponce in 2006, Mary Ann was inspired ...[more]

16 and lifeA sneak preview of 16 to Life starring Hallee Hirsh was held Sept. 7 at the Mindframe Theaters in Dubuque.

Joe Scherrman from DreamCatcher Production was on hand to celebrate the success of the film, which was filmed on location in McGregor, Iowa.

Joe, who worked as a boom operator for the film, was able to renew his acquaintance with Hallee, the film's star, Iowa native Nicolas Downs....[More]

sabr"It totally blew them away. One guy said he had tears in his eyes, another said he'd like to see it again," Co-Chairperson Joanne Hulbert, SABR Baseball Arts Committee reported about the movie, Ghost Player: Relive the Magic.

The screening followed a panel discussion about the Black Sox scandal. Those who attended both events were especially moved by the fact that the story of the Black Sox lives on in baseball history and lore.  [Read more]

Ghost Player was a hit in Atlanta according to Jameela Lee, PVIFF Assistant Director of Marketing and Sponsorship.

"The festival and the movie were GREAT! We received media coverage from.... [Read more]

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