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September Salutations

Welcome to this month's newsletter. We have guest writers this month who are sharing their thoughts about their adventures with fellow Ghost Players. So glad to have their stories. Please feel free to send in thoughts of your own. If we can, we will include them in the next newsletter. 

Wisconsin Rapids Experience: Coach's Notes

Here are some thoughts on our trip to Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 17th where the Ghost Players participated in a celebrity game during All-Star Game weekend for the Northwoods Baseball League

We took nine players plus Keith and meself (Coach Rima) to the event.  We rented a limo bus from Dyersville. The day was a scorcher---100+ degrees...

Chisholm Road Trip: Darrin Butland's Thoughts

Ghost Players

Photo - Ghost Players, old and young, are joined by the owners of the Final Score sports bar in Hinckley, MN right before they screened the Ghost Player movie there. 


Amazing. This trip provided memorable moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I was honored to be a part of something so...

Photo - Dressed as Archie "Moonlight" Graham, Darrin Butland, posed with fans at the parade, in  Chisholm, MN.

A Nod to the Founder

"Wow!  I learned a lot trying to put together a Ghost tour.  Man-oh-man Keith Rahe, you are some kind of SUPER HUMAN to pull together all those world tours.  I can't fathom how much time and money you spent, absolutely amazing," Joe

Keith is the founder and creative force behind the Ghost Players.  Hes put together...

Minnesota Mission: Joe's Reflections

Baseball Bonding in the Dirt

Ghost Players, military personnel, and members of the Chisholm All-Stars.


We did have a great group on this barnstorming adventure to Minnesota (click on the link to see the highlights video shot by Darrin and edited by DreamCatcher Productions) and we accomplished our mission to promote the Ghost Players and the state of Iowa while having a great deal of fun. In the beginning the entourage included Steve Olberding, Jim Offerman and his sons Nick and Nate, Tom Wickham, Darrin Butland and myself. Darrin had just driven in from New York state to join us.


Our first appearance was at Fan HQ in the Ridgedale Center Mall in...

2 Ghosts and Gorilla?

No, it isn't a new TV show, it is Ghost Player fans, Darrin Butland and Tom Wickham, having a lot of fun with a musical fan.

Disclaimer: We are not certain how it happened but no gear went missing during this trip.  As far as I know.

Steve Evans, USN, out of his naval uniform to represent the US Military All Stars. So nice to see these service members enjoying a bit of fun, one of the benefits of the freedoms they defend. 

Quick Note From Al Vigil

Yes it's that time in our lives when we have to stop and smell the Roses.


Gloria and I have been married 52 wonderful years Sunday the 18th. The day we found "The Field of Dreams, and The Ghost Players" in Dyersville, Iowa 17 years ago. All that has happened and our great memories,  "All the money in the world could not buy that". We are thankful that at our age we still have the positive attitude that we have for each other. We wish you all the best for the rest of your lives.

God Bless You ! ! ! !  Gloria & Al Vigil

Ghost Images

Hey, check it out. We will be uploading new images of the Ghost Players and fans on the Ghost Player's photo gallery soon.  Keep checking it out over the next few days to see the images.  

Ghost Players
Ghost Players