Ghost Players

Ghost Player Dan Steps Up to Bat

Ghost Players

Many people are eager and excited to begin playing ball at the All-Star Ballpark Heaven. Unfortunately, it looks as though they will have to wait a bit longer than originally anticipated due to construction delays.


Thanks to Ghost Player Dan Kennedy, they will still be able to get a great Iowa ball playing experience. 


All-Star Ballpark Heaven's management team has begun scheduling weekend tournaments at Kennedy's Dubuque Sports Complex for the Summer of 2014. These unique weekends will include time at the Field of Dreams, ball skills camps, and a chance to become part of the Field of Dreams history. 

Team of Dreams Game to Honor Veterans and Show Support for Wounded Warriors

Ghost Players

Tom Wiedmayer, Vice President and COO of Mystique Casino. address the huge crowd at the FoD.


The Mystique Casino along with baseball great, Wade Boggs and the rest of the All-star Ballpark Heaven crew created an amazing event that we hope returns again next year.


About 4,000 people attended the Team of Dreams Spectacular at the Field of Dreams movie site. Some also had the chance to attend an exclusive dinner with the players at the Mystique Casino. Others had the chance to play in a Poker Tournament.

Ghost Players

The Field of Dreams was the hostsite for the Team of Dreams event, which was a celebrity softball game, held as a fundraiser to honor veterans and support three veterans programs. 


Many Major League Baseball legends took the field to play a game of softball with the Ghost Players and local dignitaries to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, Veteran's Freedom Center, and Honor Flight of Greater Dubuque.


Among the baseball legends that played for the exhibition softball game were Pete Rose and Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson, Jim Rice, Johnny Bench, Wade Boggs, Rickey Henderson, Jim Palmer, Rod Carew, Bruce Sutter, Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Smith, and Paul Molitor. Dwight Gooden and Frank Thomas also played.

Ghost Players

Frank Dardis umpire, Johnny Bench catching & commentating while Rickey Henderson was going long.


Johnny Bench was as entertaining to listen to, as he was to watch play the game. His choice to do some of the running commentary at the same time he was catching while sitting in a lawn chair was hilarious.

Once Before, Reggie Brought His Hall of Fame Buddies Along!

Ghost Players

Sept. 2, 1991 - A team of former Major League stars played the Upper Deck All-Stars in the first competitive game ever played on the Field of Dreams. The former Major League players included:   Bob Feller, Bob Gibson and (Top Left):  Jose Cardenal, Lou Brock, Joe Hoerner, Joe Pepitone, Jay Johnstone, (Bottom Left):  Curt Flood, Jimmy Piersall, Randy Hundley, Reggie Jackson, and Gene Oliver. Here is a video clip of Reggie at bat back when he was here in 1992.


Joe Scherrman, (featured in this picture, wearing the bright shiny Ghost Player uniform) also attended the event. Joe staffed the sound box and captured some beautiful behind the scenes video clips.

Here is a story Joe shared about that day 22 years ago:

"The reason I had that new uniform was because I had won the opportunity to participate in Randy Hundley’s fantasy baseball camp. I bought the raffle ticket during Dyersville’s semi-pro baseball tournament. I almost sold my place in the camp. The boys wouldn’t let me. Tony, the older of the two, talked me into keeping it, saying he would help me with the names of the players. Tony was around 13 at the time but he knew those ball players on sight. It was a work out participating in the camp and helping with the sound systems and other volunteer things we did back in those days."

Ghost Players

Thanks to the talented Nick Vetter of Low and Inside, Ghost Player Jimmy Offerman and more than a dozen extras are sporting this swanky logo on the tee shirts DreamCatcher productions provided. The shirts were souvenirs for the recent video shoot they participated in with DreamCatcher and MLB Network.


Pre-show on MLB Network Over-Delivers.
Watch the pre-show teaser during MLB Network’s two upcoming postseason MLB division playoff games, Oct 4th and Oct 7th Last year’s teaser called “The Scrapbook” won an EMMY. This year’s pre-show will also over-deliver. 

Ozzy and Nick

Ghost Players

The legendary Ozzy Smith and Low & Inside’s Nick Vetter both have a great history with the Ghost Players.


Ozzy has been to the field a few times and seen the Ghost Players perform in other venues around the country, including when the guys walked out of the fog and into Ozzy's Retirement party in 1996.


Nick has come to photograph most of the major events since the Field of Dreams started. He created the Official Field of Dreams Souvenir Program which is still on sale today and other collectible event posters with Low and Inside.  *Here is link to program online at FOD site.

In fact, he designed the Ghost Players' logo and the commemorative sweatshirt he is wearing from the first Patriots' Night at the Ballpark. This summer we were able to capture the two at the field at the same time.

Ghost Players
Ghost Players