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Major League Baseball Productions Recruits Ghost Players

A new documentary, Triumph and Tragedy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox, has begun production in Iowa. Included in the film are some of our very own Ghost Players re-enacting their legendary counterparts. Alliant Energy Field, Home of the Lumberkings was the location of the shoot in Clinton, IA on September 26th. Joe Scherrman from DreamCatcher Production worked to find and secure the location, drafted the players and transported some of the cast, crew, props, costumes and equipment for the shoot. Hank Lucas functioned as a set adviser to the players to ensure their stances were accurate. A few of the Ghosts lent their era-accurate gear for props. It was a special treat to have Nick Ungs, participate in the shoot. Lately when Ungs is not wearing his Ghost Player uniform he's garbed in his Florida Marlin's AAA uniform. Ungs has been in the pro league for 10 years as a right-handed pitcher.

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Jeff Spaulding Senior Producer for MLB Productions

Nic & Nic in Dug Out

Hank Lucas walking into the dug out

Dug out set with era-accurate gear

Alliant Energy Field, Home of the Lumberkings

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