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25th Anniversary of the film release of the Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams Anniversary

Hard to believe that 25 years ago, the Field of Dreams movie held its World Premiere.

It is even harder to imagine what this world would be like without the catch phrases immortalized by this film.

Who knows the myriad number of things would yet to be built had they not rallied around the slogan, "If you build it?"

Just imagine how many would be left in the dark as to if they were in heaven or Iowa? Or how many people would have failed to invite their father to have a catch?

W.P.Kinsella, we thank you for writing the original story; Brian Frankish, we thank you for selecting Iowa to build your field of dreams; and Susan Riedel, we thank you for finding the field and so much more.

Thank you also goes to the many men who have donned the wool and worked their gloves as Ghost Players, helping to keep the film's ideals alive. We are especially grateful for the tireless efforts of Ghost Player's founder, Keith Rahe.

A special thank you goes out the past and present owners of the movie site who believed in the vision of what was and what is to come.

May we be blessed with 25 more years of creating memories, fulfilling dreams, and be reminded "of all that once was good and it could be again."

There will be a number of special events held at the official movie site this summer.

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