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Award-Winning Filmmakers Join Forces to Make Next Great Feature Film in Dubuque, Iowa

Multiple award-winning filmmaker Joe Scherrman, from DreamCatcher Productions, has committed to act as Executive Producer for the feature film Easton's Article.

This sci-fi flick is about a man who has returned to his hometown to reconcile with his past will trying to avoid his predicted demise.

It is the first feature film for writer/director Tim Connery and producer JEB Metzger.

Principle photography for the film will be shot on location in Dubuque, Iowa and the surrounding communities where other films such as THE FIELD OF DREAMS, TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT, and FIST were also made.

The film will begin shooting (November 29, 2010) just two days after Dubuque's most famous filmmaker, Louie Psihoyos will be returning to his hometown to talk about filmmaking. Last year Psihoyos won filmmaking's highest honor, an Oscar, for his stunning documentary, THE COVE.

"I grew up here and couldn't wait to become part of the filmmaking tradition in Dubuque. I was 4 or 5 years old when the FIELD OF DREAMS was shot here. Filmmaking is what I'm about. I'm ready to live my dream. Joe's commitment to act as Executive Producer, brings us one step closer to that goal." said Tim Connery, writer/director for the film. Connery has won awards and acclaim for his short films STATLER'S TAPES and QUARTER 'TIL TWO and is a graduate of the Columbia Film School in Chicago,IL.

Scherrman knows what it is like to relive his filmmaking dreams. As a young man he had wanted to become a filmmaker but stepped away from filmmaking until he began making his documentary, GHOST PLAYER: RELIVE THE MAGIC, which is an award-winning documentary about the Field of Dreams Ghost Players.

"I'm really excited to see this project happen," said Scherrman, "I first saw Tim's work at GRIFINFEST 2010 and knew this filmmaker has what it takes to make an awesome film."

Both filmmakers have had works shown at three of the same film festival-Naperville Independent Film Festival, GRIFINFEST, and the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

JEB Metzger, the film's producer, is also a graduate of the Columbia Film School, and has been, "really surprised by how helpful everyone has been to make this film possible." Metzger is a native of the Detroit Area and continues, "The people, especially those from the Great River Film Initiative, have just been great. We've got nearly all the funding we need to begin filming and are finalizing the cast and crew lists".

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