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Book Signing in Dubuque 7.25.09

Iowa's sky held the promise for a shiny day and that hope held true. Gathered friends, family and unknown fans filled with sunshine and laughter marked my first DVD and book signing. Yep, imagine that, me signing books. Thanks goodness Suzie Wright, friend and co-editor and BallyHoo guru was there. I had no spell check. We were guests of the Dubuque Welcome Center and its manager Stacey Hubanks, who was a wonderful host.

The Welcome Center staff played the documentary inside for weekend shoppers and had freshly popped popcorn on hand for tourists and fans. It amde me thirsty. Had to wait for a cold one, but it was just around the corner at the Silver Dollar.

The book, Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales has already sold 20% of the limited print run. This volume of early sales has been attributed to the love for the Field of Dreams, the Ghost Players and baseball as well as the book's design. Dyersville native Natalie Deutmeyer and Alina Crow from Shepherd Incorporated crafted the book. They are good.

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