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Chagrin Update

The Chagrin Falls International Documentary Film Festival, was held on October 10-12, 2010 and featured GHOST PLAYER as one of the winning films shown.

Mary Ann Quinn Ponce has had a long career in finance and corporate management, including over 10 years in strategic planning with British Petroleum. After the loss of her son, filmmaker David Ponce in 2006, she was inspired to turn his film company, Fevered Dreams Productions, into a nonprofit organization that would give a voice to talented filmmakers and their stories.

The purpose of the festival is to bringing new perspectives from documentary filmmakers from around the world to the Chagrin Valley.

Films and videos were invited in the following general subject categories: International, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Avant Garde, Community, Environment & Ecology, Human Spirit, Student, First Documentary, Young Filmmaker (Data taken from the festival’s website

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH