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EZ Connects with (Our Other) Cooper

EZ Goen, and his Little Buddy paid a furry visit to the headquarters of the National Psoriasis Foundation. EZ was there to talk about his PURPAL mission (People Releaving Painful American Lives). It was a nice visit spent sharing vision and renewing their relationship to promote Psoriasis Awareness.

The documentary about EZ's mission is going well. We would like to thank Jackson Cooper Gango for helping to film EZ's activities while EZ was in Portland Oregon. Cooper even delivered the footage and still images when he returned to the Midwest to participate in the test screening of EASTON's ARTICLE. Cooper is the Director of Photography for Easton's Article.

I must say happily that baseball is alive and well in Gettysburg, PA! I made my traditional stop at Gettysburg Eddie's, a sports restaurant that celebrates the baseball career of Gettysburg native and Hall of Famer, Mr. Eddie Plank. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere if you are a sports fan, perfect. Highly recommended. I had a chance this trip to meet the owner, Mr. William Wills, and he let me know about the 3rd Annual Vintage Base Ball Tournament that takes place in the third week of July in Gettysburg.

Stay tuned for more from Coop. Take care, and stay warm Coop. Darrin spent 5 days without power during the freak late October nor'easter. Glad it wasn't longer.

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