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Letter to a Ghost Player Fan

Below is a letter my friend, marketing guru and co-editor of the book Travels with Ghost and Other Tales wrote in answer to a fan about the Ghost Players not appearing at the Field of Dreams.

Dear fan,

I don't know that it is accurate to say that the people of Dyersville have given up.

In many ways the mythic value of the Field of Dreams is parallel to the older legends of Camelot and therefor it will always be relevant so long as the story is told well.

We find ourselves in a world of turmoil and political unrest and the populous seeks to find a return to joy. What better time for a story about the triumph of a noble team? Instead of being seated at a round table, this comedic cadre formed a diamond-shaped battlefield only a few weeks ago at the Dyersville Commercial Club Park.

Although Camelot is closed to the Ghosts, it is open to the public. Thanks to the modern-day herald, Joe Scherrman, the story of the Ghosts and the the Field of Dreams has been recorded in his documentary, Ghost Player: Relive the Magic and the book Travels with Ghosts and Other Tales that Joe and I co-edited.

Some of the Ghost Players, as our own knight's errant, serve on the higher quest of baseball. Dan Kennedy has created a baseball haven at the Dubuque Sports Complex and Keith Rahe has gone on to serve the community on the Dubuque Sports Commission while Hank Lucas was recently inducted into the local Baseball Hall of Fame. Many of the guys banded together to celebrate US service members and patriots and there is talk of their returning to the fray again next summer.

Joe Scherrman as well as other community leaders have continued to try and negotiate opportunities to build events in promotion of Dyersville. They won't let this modern-Camelot fade into the mist. The fact that the movie has been played on Iowa Public Television, is playing this week on Wisconsin Public Television, and will be featured in an Illinois film festival are all indications of the local and regional interest in the team's endeavors. Four other states are negotiating broadcast options and the documentary is to be shown at a major convention in Las Vegas this fall. The relevance of the Ghost Player's story is valued by many.


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