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Let's Take the Field!

The Field of Dreams is for sale and now is your chance to own a portion of the dream!

One of the most well-recognized and loved movie-sites in the United States has been place on the sales block. The property used to be own by two families and in 1997, the Lansing Family bought the Amskamp's portion of the movie site. Now the Lansings are selling the property.

It seems like a natural thing that a place that has been visited by fans for over 20 years would then be purchased by fans so that future ball players and dreams would have a home to play in.

Joe Scherrman, owner of Dreamcatcher Production LLC. made a documentary about the Field of Dreams Ghost Players and now he's started a campaign to purchase the property. Scherrman has longed for the chance for the Ghost Players to be allowed to play again on the Field of Dreams. With help he may get his wish.

The best way to make sure that the movie-site stays accessible to future fans is to buy the property and develop it in such a way that it is self-sustaining and yet retains the magical atmosphere for which it has been long-been appreciated.

The present asking price for the property is $5.4 million. With that kind of a price tag, Scherrman needs a team to catch the vision and donate to the future of the field.

Shoeless Joe once asked if this is Heaven and was told "No, this is Iowa" by Ray Kinsella. Later in the movie Kinsella decides that maybe Iowa is a heaven. Here is your chance to own a bit of that heaven.

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