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Dear Friends and Fans of the Field of Dreams and the Ghost Players

Here's a note from Joe Scherrman.

You guys have been so positive about where the All-Star Ballpark Heaven plans are heading; you are awesome!

More talks are going to be happening at the Dyersville City Council Meetings — like every meeting! The next city council meeting would be a great time for showing more support. The June 18 meeting will have a discussion on a Development Agreement. People will hear discussion on if “their taxes” will be used.

Denise Stillman will be at this meeting. I bet she would love for business representatives and residents to vocally state their support during that meeting. She & Mike have been working hard on project details including talking with investors and really need the positive feedback. Please spread the word to those who you think would vocally support this effort at the next city council meeting — June 18th @ 6:00 pm, downstairs of Dyersville City Hall.

Field of Dreams Stories Requested Selected Responses

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