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Film crews to once again invade the cornfields of Northeast Iowa

Capturing the emotion and celebration of the last performance of the Ghost Players' at Left and Center Field of Dreams is a natural fit for the documentary and historical preservation project Joe Scherrman of DreamCatcher Production started preparing for years ago. Over 660 hours of footage about the Ghost Players has been collected as they traveled throughout the world.

The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque has partnered with DreamCatcher Production LLC to preserve, archive, document and make accessible the history of the Ghost Players from the Movie Field of Dreams and to make an educational and entertaining documentary.

"Filming the last performance of this live event has its challenges," states Joe Scherrman Producer/Director, "the camera crews will be there to capture things as they happen." The event for Sunday will include Cedar Rapids folk musician Glenn Lonsdale performing original and historical baseball tunes. Special guests include Dyersville native Larry Thier singing and playing his original song Ghost in My Back Yard. Also making an appearance is the award winning Harry Caray impersonator Matt Wagner from Chicago.

Keith Rahe founder/manager of the Ghost Players announced, "We want the last show at the Field of Dreams to be a celebration of the Ghost Players. They have represented our communities and the United States as ambassadors of all that is good in baseball and humanity. This event is a way of saying, thank you."

Sunday Sept. 30th music is scheduled to start at 11 AM with the Ghost Players appearance and introductions to start at 12. Plan to come earlier. Bring lawn chairs and blankets. Parking and seating is very limited.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH