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DreamCatcher to Sponsor Film Screenings Nationwide

DreamCatcher Productions -vendor and production house for the Ghost Player project to Sponsor Film Screenings Nationwide.

Over the last few months, film fans in 10 selected cities across the country have been given the opportunity to experience really excellent films thanks to the people at Film Festival Flix.

DreamCatcher Productions is proud to be a sponsor of this organization and to celebrate our relationship with this organization, the readers of this newsletter are eligible for a discount on their tickets to the featured film selections. (The code is just above Wes Scherrman's picture below.)

Ghost Player fans in LA, Miami, Montgomery, New Haven, New Orleans, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Greenwood Co, as well as those in Dubuque, IA have the opportunity to use the DreamCatcher discount.

Film Festival Flix

FILM FESTIVAL FLIX is a revolutionary new distribution system, combining a monthly theatrical film series and an online platform, which is changing the way the world discovers Independent films. Each month, film enthusiasts in select cities will be offered an All Access pass to the "Best of the Fests," and a chance to enjoy festival events in the comfort of a local theater in their hometown. Attendees will get VIP tickets to critically-acclaimed films and audience favorites from top film festivals around the world and interact with filmmakers and actors live, simulcast or online. This type of exposure is usually reserved for the industry insider or the holder of a high-priced festival pass; but FILM FESTIVAL FLIX combines live, simulcast and on demand events together with an online platform, offering an interactive and unique way to showcase films.

Check out their website to see if there is a theater near you and when the next screening is happening.

In the short time we've already been involved, the Dubuque community has had the opportunity to be introduced to Michael Boatman (Spin City and Anger Management) and Sigrid Thornton (The Man from Snowy River).

Discount Flix Tixs!

Join one of our youngest fans at the movies and get your picture taken on the red carpet with a celebrity too! When you order your tickets at make sure you use this $2 off-discount code: DREAM718

Wes Scherrman's first trip to the red carpet at Mindframe Theaters.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH