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Filmmakers in the Classroom

Joe Scherrman, Tim Connery, and Suzie Wright of DreamCatcher Productions and the Great River Film Initiative (GRIFIN) have been working with students at Dubuque's Alternative Learning Center during their January J-term class. Wright spoke to the students early in the month about GRIFIN, how it was formed and how the students could become part of the group. Their instructor, Marcya Grudzina, had the students spend a portion of the course learning about the various aspects of the film industry and film history, create web-based writing projects and begin business-like communications with various members of the organization. Scherrman and Connery visited the class mid-month to share their insights as filmmakers and to encourage the students to believe that they too are able to live their dreams.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH