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Ghost Players Team Make Final Appearances

Dyersville, IA – For years they have entertained, made crowds of thousands laugh and helped to make dreams come true. Now, after 18 years together, the Ghost Players of Left & Center Field of Dreams will be hanging up their spikes for the last time.

It began 18 years ago with three locals coming together and "magically" appearing from left field at the Field of Dreams. A little girl was playing on the edge of the grass where it meets the cornfield when out of nowhere three players dressed in old White Sox uniforms appeared, and the rest is history.

Since that magical day, the Ghost Players have become American icons. They have traveled throughout the world to United States military bases, been a part of community activities throughout US communities, and have made Dyersville and Iowa so proud. You are invited to join in the last two appearances of the Ghost Players on August 26 at noon and on September 30 at noon. They have been an important part of American history; this is your chance to see the magic one last time before they depart into the corn forever.

For more information please call the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce at 563-875-2311.

*Media is invited and encouraged to attend. If you are looking for any B-Roll footage please contact Joe Scherrman at 563-875-8217. You can also contact the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH