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Re-haunting the Field of Dreams

Re-haunting the Field of Dreams

Well they are back. The historic return of the Ghost Players to the Field of Dreams will happen this July 7th.

The Ghost Players are returning in support of the new owners and their commitment to keeping the American dream of baseball alive.

From 1991 until 1996, the Ghost Players were a barnstorming baseball team, which was the brainstorm of local farmer Keith Rahe, considered the Field of Dreams its home. During their 1996 Japan Tour, the Field of Dreams Ghost Players received notice that they were banned from preforming on the infield, right field and land around the house made famous in the classic movie Field of Dreams.

Thanks to the friendship of farm owner's Al & Rita Ameskamp, the Ghost Players were able to perform events on the left and center portion of the Field of Dreams ball field. Beside events on left and center Field of Dreams, the Ghosts traveled the world teaching, entertaining and playing competitive ball. The Ghost Players became Iowa’s Ambassador of Baseball. After 16 years promoting Iowa and spreading good will through baseball, Keith and the Ghost Players hung up their caps and spikes and faded back into the corn.

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