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Friend on Letterman

Friend on Letterman

When Ghost Player Tony (center) Scherrman's son Mathew (yellow hat) needed medical help, his friend Thomas Irby (on left) helped raise much of the funds needed to cover the medical expenses. He also introduced the Scherrman Clan to an excellent musical talent - Dale Watson.

Soon after meeting Watson in Texas, Scherrman's father Joe was filming Watson at Dubuque's Vintage Torque Fest 2013 at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. Here is a sample of a vintage Watson song, I Lie When I Drink. Great Job Editing Lexie Apel, DreamCatcher Productions Intern.

Dale Watson was the featured musical act on June 24, 2013 for David Letterman. We like our live version better.

Tony Scherrman will be donning his father's Ghost Player suit once again to join the guys out on the Field of Dreams!

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