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Ghostly Display in the Iowa Capital

Almost next season

Leo Landis Museum Curator for the State Historical Museum of Iowa and Joe Scherrman.

Joe Scherrman, from Ghost Player LLC, stopped in at the Iowa State Historical Museum to drop off a ghost player cap, bat, and uniform. The items will be featured in the new exhibit, “Hollywood in the Heartland: A Century of Moviegoing in Iowa,” which opens in 2014 at the State Historical Museum of Iowa in Des Moines. The exhibition will celebrate Iowa’s relationship with the movie industry through an examination of the people and places related to the development and consumption of motion pictures.

"When I took the bat out of the car I handed it to Mr. Landis and asked him to take a swing. He did, and I gotta tell ya, this boy has played some ball. Great swing Leo." – Joe Scherrman

Landis is also curating the State Historical Museum’s upcoming exhibit, “Riding Through History,” which opens July 19, 2013, and celebrates Iowa’s cycling history, communities, and people through artifacts and stories including the RAGBRAI experience. We cannot wait to see if our friend Susan Gorrell’s documentary, A Million Spokes, will be part of one or both of these exhibits.

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