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Ghosts Abroad Update

As the Ghost Players followed the news reports of the devastation of Japan and the other countries effected by the subsequent earthquakes, aftershocks, and tsunamis our hearts and minds turned to our fans and friends made during our three tours of Japan, and other trips overseas. Our prayers go out to those who've been affected by these tragedies and to the US Military who've been deployed to assist in rescue and rebuilding efforts abroad.

We have had notice that Guy Healy and Koichiro Kita are safe so far.
Guy Healy

I would just like all of our friends to know that we in Nagasaki and all of the areas that the Ghost Players visited during the first Japan Tour have not been affected by the earthquake or problems with the reactors in Fukushima. We are very saddened by the tragic loss of life and destruction in northeastern Japan. We at Guy Healy, Japan through our summer camp program are hoping to help with the relief efforts but do not have any specific charities to recommend except for the Red Cross. We are hoping to later also recommend a more direct hands on project but do warn everybody not to give to any group they are not very certain is legitimate.

-Guy and Yoko

Do you remember what you were doing in the morning of November (September) 11, 2001? I was in Oshkosh, WI. Calling my wife in the morning was my daily routine. She mentioned to me that the plane crush into the World Trade Center building. As I turn the TV on and I witnessed another airplane crushing into the building. My life changed so much from that time on. We lost 80% of our business at that time. It was not the business we lost the major damage I had. It was the effort of ours to bring the World closer by creating friendship got lost. I still clearly remember the distress I suffered then.

On the day of March 11, 2011 I was at a meeting in Perth, Australia. It is my wife again informed me about the big earthquake in Northern Japan by text message. Everyone in the meeting started talking about the incident and someone turned the PC on then started looking for the video clips. I could not believe what I saw on PC. Close to 25% of our country has been directly impacted by the earthquake and the Tsunami. With nuclear radiation more than 25% of our country is under the threat of their safety. To be honest with you I have no idea what we have lost and what is more from now. It is way over my imagination of what is happening here.

As people say it will be "pre" and "post" Japan on this day of March 11th. Whatever happens we need to carry on our lives. It is our duty for the ones who survived to bring a better world. One small rice-ball and a small piece of a grilled fish were distributed for their dinner at a shelter in Miyagi. This little girl who was interview said with a charming smile "Our meal is getting more deluxe day by day." What did we lose?

Ghost Players abroad in Japan
Ghost Players abroad in Japan

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