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Ghosts Heading Toward Home

Ghosts Heading Towards Home

Denise Stillman poses with Ghost Players Paul Scherrman, Hank (Ron) Lucas, and Frank Dardis. Photo provided by Carrie Larson Koelker.

Denise Stillman made public her invitation to the Ghost Players to return to the Field of Dreams in Dyersville Ia. The boys will be suiting up and and showing up to their home field on July 7th. It has been six years since they played in the outfield and sixteen years since they played on the whole field. We are thankful for the welcome home.

The Ghosts have not played on this field since the team retired back in 2007.Ghost Players Frank Dardis, Hank (Ron) Lucas, and Paul Scherrman, were on hand when Stillman made the announcement in Dubuque during the Dubuque Convention and Visitors Bureau's Annual Hospitality Breakfast, which is a morning celebration of the local hospitality industry.

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