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Good Ghosts Are Hard To Stop

In spite of having recently suffered a severe back injury, Ghost Player Dan Davis is still ready and able to help promote a good cause for others. He's recovering nicely from a 20ft fall from a defective tree stand while bow hunting. He's grateful to be up and back to work and realizes his situation could be much worse. He's asked that we share the following with you:

The reason I am writing is: Treyton Kilar is a 6 year old kid from Whitewater, WI who was killed by a drunk driver in a car crash last fall. He was a baseball nut and his parents would like to build a baseball field in his memory. They have applied for the annual Pepsi Neighborhood Project grant ($250k). The way the grant works is whatever project gets the most votes wins the $250k. This project is currently in 2nd place and the voting ends on the 31st. Would you mind spreading the word among the Ghost Players asking them to vote (up to 3 times per day). Maybe we can drum up enough votes to get this field built. Go to this link and vote now:

Construct the Treyton Kilar Field of Dreams | Pepsi Refresh Everything

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