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Ghost Player's Child Update

We want to thank all of you who have supported Ghost Player Tony Scherrman and family, with your donations and prayers. Little Matthew is on the mend.

For those who don't know, Tony's son, Matthew, had open-heart surgery, in early September, when he was 8 weeks old.

Tony's friends in Texas held a benefit for the little guy, and Grandparents Joe and Shari started a web-based fundraiser to help provide some support for little Matthew's medical bills. The two fundraisers were successful and the funds raised are going to go a long way to help cover the medical expenses.

GP Child

Here is a picture of Tony and Matthew a week after surgery.

Update from Tony

Long story, but worth the minute...I honestly can't remember in recent history, besides my wedding day and the birth of my two children, have I ever felt more amazed as I did today. I stopped by Texas Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House with some buddies to give a little back. (Thanks Casey Grimme and Thomas Irby). Dropped off some living essentials, donations, and a vase of pop tops (beer tabs) to the McDonald House. We were happy to see them laugh at the quantity of tabs. Then delivered some food to the 17th floor, which is the Cardio ICU waiting area, where my wife and I spent many days in September. Explained to some distressed family members that we've been in their shoes and that they were in great hands. Couldn't believe how a burger and fries with a positive word could make some families so happy. Finished the trip by sneaking into the 18th ICU floor to find Matthew's main nurse, from 3 months ago, to drop off a few Christmas "Thank You" cards. The first thing that he said, after a hug was, "How is Matthew?" Can't believe how nurses/doctors can still remember someone after 3 months. Truly a humbling moment. Awesome day and I will make sure my children know how important of an experience this was!

-- Tony Scherrman

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