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An Impact on the Community

An Impact on the Community

Wright accepting the "Tully" at the Mississippi Moon Bar. Photo by Steven Schleuning.

DreamCatcher's Suzanne Wright was nominated and won a 356 Impact Award to recognize her efforts to promote volunteerism in the community. The 365 Impact Award is a steel sculpture, hand crafted by local artist, Gene Tully.

During her acceptance speech, Wright confessed to being a "serial volunteer" who like the many others in the crowded Mississippi Moon Bar, doesn't "volunteer for the recognition, but man alive, it feels good" to be recognized for the efforts. She then promptly invited the crowd to contact her if they were looking to volunteer, because she knew about a few opportunities that were in need of good people for the upcoming Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. No wonder, Wright has been dubbed, by the festival's directors as one of the super volunteers that helped make last year's festival such a success.

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