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Me and My Old Man Concert

Clay Riness will preform a concert at the Pump House, located in scenic La Crosse, Wisconsin, on Saturday, November 6 (7:30 pm). Combined with this much anticipated concert by the multi-talented musician is an artist's reception honoring nationally acclaimed artist Jerry Riness - Clay's father. Music, art, family and community will be the hallmarks of this exceptional evening.

Welcoming home Goen were family, friends and 2 pageant queens: Miss Iowa All Star USA Junior Teen, Katelyn Soat and Miss Illinois All Star USA Teen, Mercedes Mangan. As that day was also Goen's birthday, homemade cupcakes were made by fans, Beth and Suzie Wright.

Jerry Riness "I'm just so very, very proud of what Clay's been able to accomplish through his music and his natural talent. We are both self-taught artists."

This is the first time the father and son have had the chance to showcase their works together and both are very excited.

Clay recently said this about his father, "Quite simply my dad is a remarkable man, I grew up looking over the shoulder of a man at an easel." Jerry was described as a renaissance artist who can work in a number of mediums. Whether he is creating on canvas or wood or working in a natural setting Jerry can see within an object to what it may become. Although Clay's artistry does not include painting he attributes his father's vision for helping to improve his skills as a photographer and observer of the world. "Seeing light in the way that Dad does, has taken me decades. I am so grateful for his vision."

Clay's music is that of a storyteller. His work doesn't fit well into the labels that so often define modern music. It has been influenced through his father's art, Clay's years of musical exploration and performance. The songs are a melding of man and instrument, melody and story.

One of Clay's most sustaining songs is his "Me and My Old Man," and so it is apropos that this concert is combined with an art showcase of his father, Jerry Riness, works.

Jerry was very shy during a recent phone interview confessing that he, "would rather talk with a paint brush than answer questions." He's bringing a number of paintings to the show that are mostly western pieces. They show the wilderness, the cowboys and the horses that made the west wonderful. The pieces have elements of traditional and contemporary settings and show the visions of this humble-speaking gravely-voiced artist. Jerry's works have hung in art galleries from Arizona to New York.

The Pump House Regional Arts Center, located in a historic water pumping station, offers a wide range of visual and performing arts activities.

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