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Movie-making Mania Hits Dubuque

Ever since DreamCatcher Productions helped to form the Great River Film Initiative 2.5 years ago, the local movie-making scene has grown leaps and bounds. In the last few weeks, DCP has been working in partnership with members of GRIFIN to grow again. We welcome Brick Road Films and PS?-5 Productions to the area.

The team from Brick Road Films has made great strides in working on a documentary about Dubuque, Iowa's once famous, historic millworks district. The area is under major restoration and renovation. The team can be found at, on Facebook, and we've created a short introduction to their project. (

Like Brick Road Films, PS?-5 Productions is also made up from GRIFIN members. Their films will focus on mental health issues. The group's fist project will be creating video vignettes demonstrating abnormal psychological behaviors and disorders. Another project in development will be to work with a local violence prevention center and a public speaker to create videos that promote better understanding of what violence is and what individuals can do to prevent violence through being "active by-standers". (

Brickroad Films

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