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October Update - 10.10.2008

Traveling the word with a great bunch of people and shooting video to help tell their stories was great. The rest of the art of filmmaking can be a pain. There is this synopsis/treatment thing that seems to be so important. It basically tells what the story is and how I it will be told in the movie. This is an ongoing process. I’m pretty comfortable with the last version. If you would like to see it please request by E-mail.

How do you like this new Website? I especially like the player Bios and the photo gallery. If you’re a ghost player and you don’t see your biography please contact me. Also let me know when you see errors anywhere on the site.

Raising money is always on a filmmakers mind. I’ve been researching getting sponsors, donations and investors. Its’ like going to college, learning what it all takes to complete a quality product. Speaking of product, sales from the website help defray cost, take a look at the E-bay store.

Oh and there are the legal issues, always on a filmmaker’s mind. I’ve talked with a bunch of lawyers; some have given advice at no charge while others have charged more than enough to make-up the difference.

You might wonder how this gets paid for. It takes boo coo bucks. Thanks to some generous people some money has been raised in sponsorships, to date $2,500. I received a $600 donation last year and I am proud to have received support from the state of Iowa. The FIELD of DREAMS GHOST PLAYERS project has received support and is funded-in-part-by grants from the Iowa Community Cultural Grant Program (Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs) and the Historical Resource Development Program (Historical Society of Iowa). Additional support comes from the Targeted Industries Internship Program (Iowa Department of Economic Development), and an endowment of $10,000 exists with The Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque for the project. This endowment money is used for future expenses incurred for preservation of the archived material. This makes possible the ability to access a part of our history for generations to come. Just recently I applied for a grant from the Iowa Art Council. Keep you fingers crossed. This money would help pay a portion of the cost for artist/musicians in the film.

It's been a year since I put up the first Website for the project. Since Sept 28th 2007 through Sept 28th 2008 the site has had 8,134 visits from 62 different countries/territories. There have been 28,195 page views. This gives you an idea how much people care and are interesting in learning more.

Sponsors DreamCatcher Community Foundation Low and Inside Metro Studios Case IH