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Ozzy Osbourne Sees A Ghost Player!

At least I think that's what he said. I met Ozzy and his beautiful entourage of six young ladies getting out of a stretch limo. It was outside the Mandalay Bay and Casino in Las Vegas. I was promoting the Ghost Player Project during the NATPE conference. NAPTE is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation, development and distribution of televised programming. I worked out of the International Documentary Association’s (IDA) booth on the floor of the center. While outside taking a break this huge limo shows up. I thought, what the heck so I walked up to the doors as they opened. Six ladies, dressed to the hilt stepped out as I said,” Welcome to the Mandalay Resort.” As they where composing themselves, out steps Ozzy Osbourne. Again I said, “Welcome to the Mandalay Resort Ozzy”, but this time I added, “Ozzy, “hey your as old as I am.” He said something but I have no idea what. He motioned to one his companions; she gave me a bag with a huge scarf in it. I wore it that night until a man called me darling.

The NATPE show went good, many programmers and distributors are interested in the Ghost Player film. They all want to see a finished product or at least a rough cut. I wanted them to commit early, before a rough-cut, in order to impress investors and sponsors. Well I guess they don’t know me good enough, yet.

I gave the scarf away.

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