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Patriot Night In Dyersville Iowa Is A Hit 07.20.09

Wow, what a day! Patriot Night at the Ballpark on July 19th was a hit.

The afternoon started with the HD video shoot of the re-enacting of the famous scene in the movie Field of Dreams where the ball players appear out of the corn. The US Military All Star players watched patiently until they got a chance to get into the act. I now have some great video of Ghost Players and US Military magically appearing out of the corn. The footage looks great. As my wife would say, now what are you going to do with it? Well, I’m as usual I’m not sure. Promotion is in mind – we’ll make something that will help promote the two Ghost Player projects; 1) making the documentary and 2) preserving all the historical footage about the Ghost Players that exists. Well the movie is a go and the preservation part is still a work in progress. Just added more footage with this HD shoot, that’ll drive the editors nuts.

I had to get back to the ballpark. While driving away I looked back to see the entire crew getting their picture taken at the Veterans Memorial. How fitting is that?

Music from the Hooligans was playing as people entered the ballpark. Kids were enjoying the rides and some people pulled up lawn chairs to enjoy the atmosphere. Shortly after 5:00pm, Larry Their opened the Ghost Players “Greatest Show on Dirt” with his song "Ghost In My Back Yard” It sounded great as he played on the ballfield in front of an ever-growing crowd. They loved it.

The comedy routine was a delight to the crowd and to me. The Ghost Players still crack me up after all these years. The Greatest Show on Dirt was just that “The Greatest.”

Now the tough one, the Military segment. I let you read what the man in charge of the US Military All Stars sent me in an email today.

Dear Joe Scherrman,

Was that fun or what! We greatly appreciate your time and effort on our behalf during our visit. Your hospitality, the fans and facility were simply amazing.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to conduct our "Passing The Flag Ceremony" - each one is special to us and it will be something your fans and our players will always remember.

We cherish the time that we spend with great organizations like yours that take the time and effort to recognize the sacrifices made by military families each and every day.

You are truly a major part of an organization that continues to develop rising talent in an atmosphere we highly admire! We appreciate your thoughtfulness to provide us with a nice place to stay, eat and play.

It means a great deal to our personnel by allowing us to play a small role in your historic tradition. Your fans, players and entire staff were gracious every step of the way, making it even more special.

We look forward to supporting the many worthy causes where we can be of value. Please keep us in mind if we can help in any way to advance your initiatives in the community or in the world.

Very Respectfully,
LCDR Terry Allvord, USN (Ret.)

Thanks Terry, I hope you come back next year. Thank you for what you are doing for the men in your group and for what you are doing for America; and what you did for us at our event on Sunday evening.

American Legion Post 137, you were terrific! You and your families should be very proud and how about that SFC Gery "Lee" Ryan Senior Personnel Service Sergeant of the 389th Engineer Combat Battalion singing our National Anthem, was that amazing! Everybody was so kind, from the crews setting up; people in the concessions to the people in the audience THANK YOU! And to Keith Rahe and all the Ghost Players past and future, thank you, what a long, strange trip it’s been.

It was great to have Matt Wagner back in the booth again as Harry Caray. You could tell the energy with two professionals working side by side. Gary Dolphin, I hope you had as much fun as we did listening to you and Matt work your magic, thanks to both of you.

During the game I was running around so I can’t give you a play by play. I could hear Dolphin and Harry. Sounded like some great plays and no one was hauled away in the ambulance, so that’s a good thing. The Ghost Players won 9-6.

I am grateful so many stuck around for the Ghost Player movie showing on the big screen set up on the pitchers mound by Lyle Thiesen of Jumbo Visual Productions. I know it was tough because it being Sunday night but when the ballpark lights dimmed to after the credits rolled, I could have sworn I was in Heaven – not Iowa.

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