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Studio Production Update

I am in Hiawatha, Iowa again, working with Metro Studios' editor Aaron Spears. Aaron and I have worked together many times over the years. As far as my crew at DreamCatcher Productions, editors Alicia LeGrand and Jeff Tucker are stuck in Dyersville supporting us with the logistics, capturing, locating footage and trouble-shooting. If that wasn’t enough Alicia and Jeff are taking care of all the other production jobs at the shop.

We are still hoping to have rough-cuts of the film by the end of March 2009. These rough-cuts will be sent out to broadcasters that are patiently waiting to see the program flow. Basically they want to see if it’s any good.

Recording of some final interviews need to be done. This should happen within the next two weeks or so. Hey, and how about being invited to be Grand Marshals for the St. Patrick’s parade in Dyersville, Iowa? That will be fun. The parade is the Saturday the 14th of March.

Unfortunately we haven’t received any information from Kevin Costner Modern West Band from the just released CD called “Untold Truths.” I really want to use at least one of his songs in the movie and our pitch for permission is in process.

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