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Once Before, Reggie Brought His Hall of Fame Buddies Along!

Once Before, Reggie Brought His Hall of Fame Buddies Along!

Sept. 2, 1991 - A team of former Major League stars played the Upper Deck All-Stars in the first competitive game ever played on the Field of Dreams. The former Major League players included: Bob Feller, Bob Gibson and (Top Left): Jose Cardenal, Lou Brock, Joe Hoerner, Joe Pepitone, Jay Johnstone, (Bottom Left): Curt Flood, Jimmy Piersall, Randy Hundley, Reggie Jackson, and Gene Oliver. Here is a video clip of Reggie at bat back when he was here in 1992.

Joe Scherrman, (featured in this picture, wearing the bright shiny Ghost Player uniform) also attended the event. Joe staffed the sound box and captured some beautiful behind the scenes video clips.

Here is a story Joe shared about that day 22 years ago:
"The reason I had that new uniform was because I had won the opportunity to participate in Randy Hundley's fantasy baseball camp. I bought the raffle ticket during Dyersville's semi-pro baseball tournament. I almost sold my place in the camp. The boys wouldn't let me. Tony, the older of the two, talked me into keeping it, saying he would help me with the names of the players. Tony was around 13 at the time but he knew those ball players on sight. It was a work out participating in the camp and helping with the sound systems and other volunteer things we did back in those days."

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