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Sedona International Film Festival

Joe and Shari Scherrman had a blast while attending the Sedona International Film Festival. They were there as invited guests of the event as the film Field of Dreams Ghost Player: Relive the Magic was a selected film that was shown at the recommendation of the people from Kid's First, which had given an award to our film last year. It is a special honor to know the work of the Ghost Players made enough impact for it to be selected. We would like to thank Kid's First and the people who make the SIFF so great. We would also like to thank Adam Smith for allowing us to feature his SIFF performance in our recap video.

Recap Video

After one of the screenings and the Q & A session a couple from Kansas City stopped by to chat. We exchanged stories about playing in fantasy baseball leagues and he mentioned his friendship with George Brett of the Kansas City Royals. I told him Mr. Brett was an honorary Field of Dreams Ghost Player and that we got to know George while participating in a charity baseball game held outside of Kansas City. To my surprise he said, “Oh you must mean the Rogers Strickland events.” Seems he knows Rogers and recognized Rogers’ Field featured in the Ghost Player movie and in the movie’s trailer.
Well, what can I say? We had a blast and got together every chance we could through the rest of the festival.

After the next screening of the Ghost Player movie, a gentleman and his wife stopped me to chat. He is from Ottumwa IA, living in Sedona for the last 14 years or so. He is featured in the highlights video of the Sedona Festival.

Tim Connery and the Sedona Events
At the Sedona International Film Festival
Arriving in Sedona
Joe at the Sedona International Film Festival

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