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Introducing – The Stillman Family

Baseball has been an important element in the formation of the Stillman family. One of their early dates while in college was to watch a lovely little film called, “Field of Dreams”. Mike and Denise spent their first wedding anniversary watching a ball game while nibbling Fenway Franks at the Fenway Ballpark. They have enjoyed many games at the old Comiskey Ballpark, sprinkled in a few games at Wrigley Field, but most often, they spend time at US Cellular Field. Their kids, John and Claire, have grown up there. Their oldest child, Claire’s first major league ballpark experience was spent mostly riding escalators while her papa enjoyed their tickets behind home plate.

Denise states that although she and Mike are not very athletic themselves, they have happily shuttled their kids to various sporting activities throughout the years. In fact, while Denise has cheered the kids while staffing the stands, Mike has been shagging balls and sending sinkers to center field while he’s coached baseball and softball teams for both John and Claire.

They have celebrated John’s team making league championships 3 out of the last 4 years he played house ball. Now he is part of a traveling team. Claire has moved away from ball play to Taekwondo and singing. Claire is slated to be the voice leading the national anthem on opening day, April 2014, after the purchase of the Field of Dreams goes through this year. With their vision, more than 80,000 people annually will celebrate America’s favorite pastime starting in 2014.

While on a father-son outing in 2010, Mike introduced John to the magical land we call the Field of Dreams. They had such a great time there; Mike called his friend and invited him to experience it too. The friend let Mike know that the field was for sale. Later that weekend, the Stillman four had assembled for family fun. Mike told Denise about their time at FOD, about it being for sale, and before they left the pool area, an idea to develop a new vision for the Field of Dreams was formed.

Soon, the kids were sworn to secrecy about the goal, while planning, praying, and preparations became the standard of the days. Soon they had a circle of friends and supporters encouraging their goals and cautioning them to be prudent.

The Stillman's formed “Go the Distance Baseball, LLC” and started crafting a plan for the future of the Field of Dreams that has evolved into a vision called All-Star Ballpark Heaven.

They realized that All-Star Ballpark Heaven will be a great way to impact many lives in a positive way. They want to preserve the original movie site as a place where people can come for free to play ball, walk the bases, and find peace, solace, and reconciliation. Mostly they want it to be a place where families can come together. If their vision is a success, more than 80,000 people will celebrate America’s favorite pastime starting in 2014.

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