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Joe Scherrman is a realist about his movie making. The 55-minute documentary made from over 600 hours of the travels and effects of the baseball team from the Field of Dreams was done from his heart.

“It’s not controversial, it’s not earth shaking but it is pretty darn cool. Now it’s time to share,” Joe Scherrman states as he readies the mail for shipment.

He is submitting the DVD “Ghost Player: Relive the Magic” to the Sundance Film Festival for consideration in the short films category. Joe felt compelled to do something with the vast collection of video he shot as a travelogue for the ballplayers, family and friends of the baseball teamed called the Ghost Players from the movie Field of Dreams. Little did he know he was capturing a part of Americana. While pitching the idea of the documentary at the State of Iowa Historical Museum in Des Moines, he was told he might have historically significant evidence of our culture. The person was amazed at the amount of footage and the different countries the Ghost Players traveled in their 18 year run. He suggested saving the footage for future generations.

“I’m not Ken Burns and I’m not an archivist but I took up the challenge to save and share the stories. They mean a lot to me and I think others will agree when they experience the team, the times and the history of the Ghost Players,” Joe continues, “it’s only $35 to enter the festival and you never know maybe it will get picked. If so it may be screened in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden or Sundance, Utah.”

Joe is realistic about his chances. Each year at Sundance, a magnet for some 50,000 international filmmakers, aspiring directors and movie fans, 200 films are selected from a pool of more than 9,000 submissions for exhibition, according to the festival Web site. The film festival has drawn its acclaim over the years from its association with a noted founder, actor Robert Redford.

So far, Joe has hosted screenings of his documentary to gatherings in Dubuque and Dyersville, Iowa, Chisholm Minnesota and at the Bally Hotel Event Center in Las Vegas Nevada. Iowa Public Television and Wisconsin Public Television broadcast a limited run this summer. Recently the film has been selected to compete at the Naperville Independent Film Festival in Illinois Sept. 20th and 24th in Illinois and at the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s 4th Annual Film Festival. Oct. 3rd in Cooperstown New York.

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