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Iowa Tax Credit Incentives

Stronger controls and more manpower need to be in place to protect against abuses in the film tax credit program. The film incentive is an important part of the Iowa film industry. My own movie “Ghost Player” has a contract with the State of Iowa and I look forward to receiving only tax credits that are due.

As an independent filmmaker I have seen first hand what it takes to make a film. It should be called interdependent filmmaking not independent because it takes so many different people and businesses to get a movie produced.

Iowans should support the tax credit incentives for filmmaking in Iowa. When properly set up and supported with enough manpower it will be great for our area. Remember the film industry is just that, an industry. It just so happens the film industry attracts our youth and artist much better than some industries.

For more information on how the tax credits are suppose to work, visit this explanation.

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