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Wisconsin Rapids Experience: Coach's Notes

Here are some thoughts on our trip to Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin on Sunday July 17th where the Ghost Players participated in a celebrity game during All-Star Game weekend for the Northwoods Baseball League.

We took nine players plus Keith and meself (Coach Rima) to the event. We rented a limo bus from Dyersville. The day was a scorcher---100+ degrees with the heat index! All the way up during the 4 hour ride we shared stories about our Ghost Player trips to Japan, Europe, Cuba, etc. It was really fun to be with the guys again. We thought it would be great to do one more overseas trip!!!

When we got to the park in Wisconsin Rapids we watched the Home Run Derby which was really fun! They have some very good players in the Northwoods League which is made up of Division 1 players from around the country. After the derby was over it was our time to play.

The celebrity team was made up of Northwood League All Star coaches, local businessmen, a Division III college catcher, a female radio celebrity and a local teacher and firefighter. There was a nice crowd present for the game. The Ghost Players lineup included Frank Dardis, "Yogi" Digmann, Hink Lucas, Steve Olberding, Brendan Dardis, Zach Althaus, Mike Ehlers, Jeremy Olberding and John Rotz. I did the announcing for the game. The Ghost Players overcame an early 3-0 deificit to win 6-5. Frank Dardis won his 300th career game (that is how we advertised it to the fans!) by going the distance on the mound in this five inning game.

There were lots of laughs during the game and the Ghosts signed autographs after it was over. The Wisconsin Rapids Rafters were tremendous hosts to us and treated us very well including good food afterward! We returned back to Dyersville about 1:00 a.m. so it was a long but very fun day getting back together with the guys again. I wish we could do it every weekend!!! All these guys are just great to be around!!!

Coach Rima P.S. God bless you!

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